STRYD Introduce AIR Power

Unfortunately you will not be able to use the power of the wind to power-up your run but instead, STRYD has introduced new metrics on the new STRYD pod that allows you to see the power you produced that was needed to overcome wind resistance. Combine that with the pre-existing FORM power and these are both pretty cool tools to help you understand scenarios when you might be in danger of over-powering your training and racing.

In this diagram, you can see when you needed to overcome significant wind resistance with air power. this can only be viewed, post-workout, on STRYD’s PowerCenter at present and it will be later introduced as a watch-based metric in its own right.

Air Power comes via a new firmware release for STRYD which I would highly recommend everyone updates to.

What else is new in this firmware release?

STRYD’s internal recording capability is further increased to 36 hours of running time storage for any scenario when you need to revert back to data cached on the pod.




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4 thoughts on “STRYD Introduce AIR Power

  1. Hmmm, seems like another reason to return my Vantage and get a Garmin. That and Stryd zones. I don’t see Polar implementing these, but who knows (hopefully) I could be wrong 😉

    1. I’m not biased since I own both a Vantage V, and a 935 but the power integration is much more seamless on the Vantage, and particularly in Flow than within GC. I take the native power implementation any day over Garmin’s CIQ approach.
      Pace, and Power zones lock should come with the Vantages’ Fall update. Of course your zones won’t update automatically like they do on Garmin since the latest Stryd CIQ app update, but that’s just how Polar rolls, nothing wrong with that philosophy. It’s like Apple and Samsung. Want out-of-the-box solutions that just work, at the cost of less functions and customization albeit at lower functionality, go Apple/Polar. Do you want to have complete control over your device’s functionality/customization go Samsung/Garmin. I prefer the former.

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