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In this SunGod Classics Review, we take a detailed look at the classic design that made SunGod great – now updated a third time to give the SunGod CLASSICS3.

SunGod Classics Review – Custom CLASSICS3

SUNGOD are now onto their fourth model of custom-designed sunglasses. But here we are looking at the third iteration of one of those models ie the CLASSICS design, the aptly named CLASSICS3. Almost certainly these are an improvement over the original CUSTOM CLASSICS v1 and the CUSTOM CLASSICS v2 – it’s a V3 thing 🙂 .

But, hey! Let’s not get too serious. These are not the sport-focussed SunGod PaceBreakers (review ed here); these CUSTOM CLASSICS³ are definately for you to wear once your race is finished as you coolly admire those crossing the line behind you. Ah yes, that sweet look of victory…or you could just wear them because the sun is shining!

If we were to get serious, we’d point out that all the components of the Custom Classics are chosen by you including frame; icons & lens colour; differing degrees of opacity; and polarisation. And they’re usually delivered within 1-2 days. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves as we delve into the detailed depths and product intricacies in this SunGod CLASSICS Review.

CLASSICS3 – What’s Changed for this SunGod Classics Review?

The overall ‘look’ of the CLASSICS design is unchanged and it is some of the details that have been improved. There is now the ability to customise and choose the colour of the icons on the frame and the detailed technical change is that there are now pop-lock screwless hinges, which are used elsewhere in the SunGod sunglasses range. Finally, the frame colours have been rationalised to eliminate some of the more colourful options that were previously available and, in line with that, the ability to choose arms that are a different colour to the frame front have been removed.


Frame Colours

Every pair of SUNGOD CLASSICS 3 can be customised at the ‘normal’ price – there are no codes at present for discounts. These are the components that you can choose:






All the lenses offer 100% UV protection and, as part of the customisation process, you are given information about the suitability of each lens colour/type for various light conditions as well as an indication of the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) index – ie how dark they are! Stating the generally obvious: a darker lens tends to let less light through than a lighter lens.

Here’s an example of what you are shown for the Polarized GREEN lens, the one I have.



When your present to yourself arrives, this is what you get in the rather pretty box…sunglasses. Ta Da.


Naturally, you get the sunglasses but also a microfiber cleaning & storage pouch.


SUNGOD frequently mention their “4KO” lenses – ie 4k optics, presumably wordplay on 4k video. Either way, they have their own lens and that is the branding for them rather than any wider-market standard for lenses.

SOME EXTRA DETAILS in this SunGod Classics Review

You want every detail to be right.

OK, you can choose the various parts of the sunglasses but here’s a close-up of some of the key parts and key details. All of the images are clickable to enlarge them for more detail.

2mm polycarbonate core lens

Cool matte finish

pop-lock screwless hinges


These are super-light, coming in at 28g, and the tortoise shell finish I chose is super-classic looking. They are snug-fitting and comfortable.

What also stands out is the size. They measure 135mm from arm to temple. The lens width is 56mm and the nose bridge is 18mm.  It’s hard to put that into perspective with words, so here they are compared to what I would consider being a normal-sized pair of BLOC metal-framed sunglasses

Model shown CALSSICS2 is the same size



When you initially wear the glasses on a bright day you get the clarity you would probably get from similar quality lenses. It seems good to me and, as with other polarized lenses, the clarity can be further increased for example, if you are looking at clouds. Similarly-polarized lenses increase clarity by reducing the light reflected off the water.


These are normal, multi-use sunglasses. I chose the SunGod PACEBREAKERS (review here) for their more sports-specific design. They have been great for driving around and, otherwise, generally looking cool. Or, at least, so my partner says.

The CLASSICS3 don’t really have the aesthetic for sports use but if it’s super-sunny and the CLASSICS3 are the only sunglasses you have then they will do the job when running along.

I especially liked the polarised lenses which reduce reflections for me when driving and at the beach. I personally find myself normally squinting in such bright conditions without polarised sunglasses and eventually get a headache and then grumpiness ensues. So, at least, the CLASSICS have kept me happy and smiling in that respect 🙂


KEY SELLING POINTS – Covered in SunGod Classics Review

Competition – SunGod Classics Review

If you want a free pair then try this competition.

Click to enter a competition for a FREE Pair on SunGod.Co

If you enter the comp and optionally choose to leave your email address then you will be notified when discounts are next active, usually, a 10% discount is offered, sometimes more when out-of-season. Discount codes usually get released every 6 weeks or so and then they are only active for about a week. So if you can’t wait or don’t want to go through that hassle then the buy-now options are below and the sunglasses are relatively cheap so a 10% discount isn’t so great in reality.



Competitor: Oakley HOLBROOK @ up to £165

Let’s wrap up the SunGod Classics Review with a look at price and availability against the competition.

The lenses are interchangeable. If you are looking to get a pair of sunglasses you might consider also getting a spare lens as a backup OR as a colour/VLT alternative for ‘special’ sporting occasions 😉

EU and International Shipping options are offered, with free shipping for orders over £100.

If you order your custom sunglasses one morning you should receive them the next day…it’s super quick personalised customisation. For a custom-design pair of sunglasses, I think you will find the speed of service and prices hard to beat. After all…you are getting a potentially unique product which no-one else has!

Polarsied CLASSICS3 cost £70 and non-polarised cost £45 that’s a significant discount over Oakley’s HOLBROOK CUSTOM which come in at up to £165 and look very similar.

Purchase/Further Info Link:

Disclaimer: this is not a paid-for advert. If you buy SunGod sunglasses via a link in this review then you support this blog – thank you! I normally review sports tech but I make exceptions for products that I like and use….like these babies. #Sweet. If you have any issues (I don’t think you will) then drop me a line and I will try to help.

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