NEW Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR

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Casio Pro Trek WSD F21 HRCasio has just announced a red and black version of the Pro Trek WSD-F21HR. The Big news for Casio fans is that this has an optical HR monitor for the first time

However, it’s worth noting that this an updated WSD-F20 rather than an update of the 2018/19 model the WSD-F30. But either way, you get a nice dose of WearOS under the skin and, importantly for readers of this site, it’s designed with sports and fitness in mind (plus outdoors stuff) whereas the F30 was very much marketed and aimed at the outdoors crowd like Garmin’s Fenix/Instinct models..

For those who like Casio’s aesthetics, you’ll not be disappointed. At least it’s different from the Garmin-look that EVERYONE seems to have (well apart form EVERYONE ELSE who wears the same-old Apple Watch).


Casio Pro Trek WSD F21 HR

There are some extras as well like VO2max calculations and HR zones but I think the proof will be in the testing of this one. Here are some of the promo images which show some seemingly ‘standard’ views at first. But have a look at the bezel of the first image. Hmmm. Interesting.

There are a couple of sports profiles as well as the ability to display all these metrics: Heart rate and zone, Heart rate, Heart rate graph, Total time, Running time, Expected time, Goal ETA, Lap, Average lap, Pace, Average pace, Maximum pace, Total distance, Distance remaining to goal, Speed, Average speed, Maximum speed, Speed graph, Calories consumed, Barometer, Barometer graph, Altitude, Altitude change graph, Target altitude, Altitude remaining to goal, Elevation gain, Elevation loss, Current time, Battery level.

There is even the ability to load and follow routes pseudo natively within the Casio app by using Google Drive, to me this sounds like a VERY clever idea (well…if works like I’d like it to!)

Other features include 50-meter water resistance, MIL-STD-810 durability and a 1.32-inch 320×300 dual-layer TFT LCD colour and a monochrome display. There’s the usual barometric altimeter, compass, microphone, vibration alerts and a battery life of 1.5 days with “normal use” and one month as a watch. Other sources tell me there are 20 hours of GPS+oHR sports usage which will be pleasantly surprising, if true, for a WearOS watch. The watch weighs about 81 grams which is on par with the Fenix.

Release date is 13 September 2019.

The release is only to be in Asia and the USA at first with a price tag of $499 and later UK availability will be at £399. That might put many people off but NOT Casio devotees.


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Mitch W

Could be so good or a total dud. So many questions… open water swimming? power meters and other third party sensors? Quality of maps? Music? Multi-sport support?

I love the idea of the two displays to save battery. 20h GPS/HR on sounds impressive. Full WearOS smartwatch functionality… super nice!

Will wait for review.


Are there “Casio Guys”? I find the choice between this and e.g. a 935 for the same price to be not that hard to make.