My Sporting Software Mish-Mash as we say GOODBYE SPORTTRACKS DESKTOP

xert baron biosystems logoAs SportTracks ST3.1 (desktop) reaches end-of-life I’m hoping that the plugins continue to work. If not I am stuffed. This impending, potential data catastrophe has made me take my head out fo the sand, look around a bit and then stick it back in a little bit deeper.

Whilst my head was above the data parapet I looked at what I actually use for my OWN DATA. IE not for this website as such.

Here’s what I use with more stars (***) meaning more usage and I might have missed some things out

  • *** Sporttracks 3.1 – my main repository of 100% of my unique source data. Training Load plugin, pool swim plugin and others
  • ** Xert – for power breakthrough and other trends
  • * Xert Segment Hunter – for hunting and racing segments
  • * STRAVA – Segment results and social dissemination
  • * STRAVA.AI – breakthroughs and trends of power and HR
  • *** Golden Cheetah – a few things but definitely the CP chart and I’ve just noticed the starred segment analysis
  • * Humon – for pretty SmO2 charts
  • * STRYD PowerCenter – occasionally for insights
  • * Polar FLOW – for a quick post-run look
  • * Garmin Connect – for a quick post-run look (in a limited amount of detail)
  • ** My current watch – for a quick post-run look (abbreviated)
  • * Hammerhead’s dashboard (free) – for a repository of routes and cleaning of route errors
  • * RideWithGPS – for a repository of routes and for the dissemination of routes
  • * Garmin Connect Online – for a minor repository of routes, sometimes for route creation and for the dissemination of routes to my Garmin devices and to friends
  • * STRAVA/Movescount/Garmin Connect – for heatmappy things
  • * TrainingPeaks – for spending a lot of unnecessary time creating and scheduling trainer workouts
  • HRV/Sleep – I’ve got bored with that for now (Oura, Whoop Review, EMFIT)
  • I write and use my own training plans which are very good at getting either 4th or 5th place. Contact me if you currently come 6th and want to do better.

You could say, “What a mess!” and you would be right.

For recording devices, I tend to use either Wahoo+Polar or Wahoo+Garmin. Neither setup works how I would like it and it is data access to MY DATA on the Garmin/Polar part that lets me down.



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11 thoughts on “My Sporting Software Mish-Mash as we say GOODBYE SPORTTRACKS DESKTOP

  1. I have a totally different conclusion. Maybe a newbie who first faces mobi can be easily enchanted by it, but we those who has been really pettled by the highly valuable plugins of ST3 desktop software can easily start to hate mobi just due to the amount of loss we will have faced from the end date of ST3 life. But YMMV

    Btw I am quite sure that ST3 will not work from the EoL

    There were many questions on zonefivesoftware (Sporttracks) web forum about licensing issue after EoL, and the answers of admin(s) clarified that one should assume that his or her ST3 will not work. I guess the reason is that there will be no connection to any servers which could confirm the validity of your license code when you launch ST3.

    I went further I made a polite post about the legal background of how the copyright of a software should be handled in the Anglo Saxon world, namely in the US, when it is legally dead (after it has reached its end of life). I even asked whether any attempt of reverse engineering of a ‘dead’ software is as illegal as that of a living one, or is a ‘dead’ software something which is dead from the legal point of view, too, and there is no copyright protection any longer.

    My post was immediately deleted, and even after I politely inquired about the whys and I explained that I asked and not stated, nor motivated I people to break any laws, my post was never restored. Moreover since then all of my posts are controlled by the admins meaning that even my posts, which is about just simply asking other users whether their posts are controlled, too, before showing up, has been not allowed to appear.

    First I thought that there were some unlucky coincidents and it is the reason that these of my posts were never approved by the admins, but I made some other posts (just as simple tests) and all of the othere were approved.

    I became quite frustrated, because it is not the old Z5SW that I got gamiliar with 10 years ago, and since I live in Eastern Europe I dare to say that this behaviour of Aaron and his team is like a total censorship, which was one of the typical characteristics of the former regime of my country before 1989.

    Of course he has the right, it is his website etc, but not a promising prospect for anyone who will be being linked to mobi.

    Final thought. Since people bought a lifetime licens for ST3, it is quite evident that Aaron had to announce the end of life to kill the value of these licenses. I am not good at legal things, maybe he had the right to do that without making any compensation, maybe he had not.

    1. “I guess the reason is that there will be no connection to any servers which could confirm the validity of your license code when you launch ST3.” – I hadn’t thought of that. yikes. probably true. that would mean I will have to get my head out of the sand.

    2. OMB has confirmed HIS validation server will work for his plugins

      I don’t know if aaron’s licence validation willmean that st3.1 immediately stops working at EOL or at some later point when validation happens

    1. Hi Guys…I’m in a similar state. Old manual logs in ST3.1 and synced to Mobi, but I would like MY data to be on MY computer. I tried Golden Cheetah, but the user interface is challenging. Also, manual entries from ST did not import cleanly to Golden Cheetah.Seems like My TourBook was hard to decipher as well. Any other candidates?

  2. Have you developed a new data flow strategy? In case would you mind to share it?

    1. good question
      my sportstracks still seems to work
      I have become very despondent about what to do.
      I would contemplate runalyze but i don’t know that product well enough to recommend it.
      If Xert sort out their algorithm to work with run and bike i would use that in a shot
      currently, i have reverted to a VERY old state where I use lots of different tools: golden cheetah, sports tracks, strava,, garmin connect, polar flow, xert, stryd power center,

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