Puma SMARTWATCH – Announcing a WearOS Sports Watch



Puma SMARTWATCH Sport Watch

We knew that Puma and Fossil were working on a sports watch in 2018 and finally it has now been formally announced. Sales will start in early November and the price will be €280/$300/£250.

More details are likely to emerge over the next few days but here is what we have so far

  • Built-in conjunction with Fossil
  • Branded as PUMA
  • Hardware is based on the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon “Wear 3100 Platform
  • Single, Swivel-button and touchscreen interface
  • oHR + GPS
  • 24-hour battery life, maybe, perhaps, it’s claimed, with caveats.
  • Runs Google’s WearOS apps
  • Plans to run Google Fit for the sporty interface – no Puma sports app is yet announced.
  • Don’t forget WearOS -re-bundles LOTS of FREE functionality like music and maps. It’s probably likely that the Puma SMARTWATCH will be able to be connected to Bluetooth SMART sensors via more innovative apps like GhostRacer or SportyGo.


Puma seems to find it hard to stand out in the world of sports kit. I suspect they are continuing that with sports tech.

It’s great that Puma has breathed some new life into the sporty side of WearOS. Yes, there probably is a space in that market for Puma to get some traction but I’m not sure if the best hardware package so far will do that. Other than hardware, is there anything new on offer here? Even Polar’s own app offering with the M600 on WearOS was great back in 2017; yet Puma seems to be offering nothing like that (Polar’s app won’t run on this watch before you ask…at least it won’t on others that I’ve tried).

It’s great that the latest Wear 3100 platform is used and, sure, that will be better than previous sporty efforts – and the screen and battery will probably be better too. But not THAT MUCH better. Now, if they were to nail a decent oHR that would be great and if they could nail a decent GPS reading that would be a market-miracle.

If. #Caveats

Source: prnewswire

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4 thoughts on “Puma SMARTWATCH – Announcing a WearOS Sports Watch

  1. This is basically a redesigned Fossil Sport. They should have differentiated it by putting a transflective display. All manufacturers blame Google and Snapdragon for poor battery life on WearOS devices but no one has addressed the biggest culprit. Can creating a driver for a transflective display be so difficult?

  2. Got a demo of this before, inSyt is correct, every watch Fossil does is just the same hardware in a different design. This also means that a Kate Spade watch costing close to 500 is jsut the same as a Fossil Gen 4 which costs closer to 200. Absolutely crazy. (Kate spade hasnt been upgraded to Gen 5 yet)

    There are three new battery modes that could be useful, so it can drop all the way down to watch only, and you can also customise the modes enabling and disabling things, so you could possibley get more than one day charge…

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