Mio POD: Mio are back….with the Mio POD

Mio Pod

Mio pod

Mio Pod

It looks like one of the first optical HR companies is back with a bang…I mean band.

MIO Fuse Review - Comparison to VELO

MIO Fuse – Comparison to VELO

This is Mio global who made the MIO Link (Velo, Fuse) and similar HR straps. They used a Phillips sensor and were GOOD at the time and I think I still l have them in a box somewhere. IIRC the Link was the one that I used to prove that ANT+ would travel just a little way underwater.


Mio pod

Mio Pod

Announcing the Mio POD … albeit very quietly. Shhhhh

This has been on the cards for over a year but the Youtube Video below is the first official info I’ve seen


  • Valencell oHR
  • Suggested upper arm wear position
  • Haptic/Vibration feedback
  • LED/Zone feedback
  • Cached memory
  • ‘Other metrics’ stored in memory over and above HR
  • Likely will transmit ANT+ as well as definitely transmitting BLE to the MIO APP
  • Firstbeat Metrics include: Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect, Training Load, Recovery Time and Calories


This seems to be competing with Wahoo Fit, Scosche Rhythms, and Polar Oh1/OH1+, perhaps their app with physiological feedback can give them a slight edge after that somewhat abortive attempt a few years ago to invent some metrics of their own. I reckon they might be on to something here in the fitness space.


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11 thoughts on “Mio POD: Mio are back….with the Mio POD

  1. Thanks for the post! Do you know if this broadcasts HRV in a way that Garmin can consume and use to refine the physiological measure like VO2?

    • I am trying to understand what do you have in mind here.
      What other devices do you know (HRM-TRI, HRM-RUN, ?) that broadcast HRV which is then used by Garmin for physiological measure?
      Currently I am using HRM-TRI when doing running, biking and it works well. For night HRV (recovery) I am using the Oura Ring. This is the most simple solution I found.

      • Hi Alex – I currently use a Rhythm+ which doesn’t transmit (true) HRV therefore (I assume) my VO2, recovery etc are not as accurate as they otherwise could be. I’m thinking then to go back to a HRM-RUN (or TRI) but prefer Optical on the arm. But, looks like that won’t improve my current situation.

  2. Very interesting… I had the link, and it was great on its day. I use the tickr fit now.
    I wonder what the battery life will be?

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