Mio POD: Mio are back….with the Mio POD

Mio Pod

Mio pod
Mio Pod

It looks like one of the first optical HR companies is back with a bang…I mean band.

MIO Fuse Review - Comparison to VELO
MIO Fuse – Comparison to VELO

This is Mio global who made the MIO Link (Velo, Fuse) and similar HR straps. They used a Phillips sensor and were GOOD at the time and I think I still l have them in a box somewhere. IIRC the Link was the one that I used to prove that ANT+ would travel just a little way underwater.


Mio pod
Mio Pod

Announcing the Mio POD … albeit very quietly. Shhhhh

This has been on the cards for over a year but the Youtube Video below is the first official info I’ve seen


  • Valencell oHR
  • Suggested upper arm wear position
  • Haptic/Vibration feedback
  • LED/Zone feedback
  • Cached memory
  • ‘Other metrics’ stored in memory over and above HR
  • Likely will transmit ANT+ as well as definitely transmitting BLE to the MIO APP
  • Firstbeat Metrics include: Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect, Training Load, Recovery Time and Calories


This seems to be competing with Wahoo Fit, Scosche Rhythms, and Polar Oh1/OH1+, perhaps their app with physiological feedback can give them a slight edge after that somewhat abortive attempt a few years ago to invent some metrics of their own. I reckon they might be on to something here in the fitness space.


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11 thoughts on “Mio POD: Mio are back….with the Mio POD

  1. Thanks for the post! Do you know if this broadcasts HRV in a way that Garmin can consume and use to refine the physiological measure like VO2?

    1. I am trying to understand what do you have in mind here.
      What other devices do you know (HRM-TRI, HRM-RUN, ?) that broadcast HRV which is then used by Garmin for physiological measure?
      Currently I am using HRM-TRI when doing running, biking and it works well. For night HRV (recovery) I am using the Oura Ring. This is the most simple solution I found.

      1. Hi Alex – I currently use a Rhythm+ which doesn’t transmit (true) HRV therefore (I assume) my VO2, recovery etc are not as accurate as they otherwise could be. I’m thinking then to go back to a HRM-RUN (or TRI) but prefer Optical on the arm. But, looks like that won’t improve my current situation.

      2. i think FB have several workarounds for all but one of their metrics
        so you’re probably ok so long as you’re measuring it on the upper arm
        hrm-run/tri obviously ‘better’

  2. Very interesting… I had the link, and it was great on its day. I use the tickr fit now.
    I wonder what the battery life will be?

      1. Yes, I have the Polar Vantage Titan with Recovery Pro. Doing the orthostatic test daily.

        Very curious to see how Polar will integrate nocturnal HRV from Ignite with the orthostatic test in Vantage V. A fusion of both? Or perhaps alerting the user to do an orthostatic test when the Nightly Recharge veers to far from the users 28-day baseline.

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