Garmin Edge 1040? – NOPE It’s a shed load of new features for the 1030.

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530 Shown – no Garmin freebies here, sorry!

Kudos to what Garmin is about to do with the Edge 1030. (Sep 2019)

Rather than pushing out a justifiable Edge 1040 that shares the features and new hardware bits of the Edge 530/830, they are feature-filling the existing Edge 1030. OK, you won’t get the Sony chip but “is that a bad thing?”

It’s no secret what’s going to be in the new firmware update as you can get it NOW on beta (here). That list is probably not quite complete and I’ll add some bits here and save you some wear and tear on your right index finger…

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* Complete functionality requires an upcoming Garmin Connect Mobile release

** Mountain Bike Profile Only


There is some great stuff there for loyal Edge 1030 users who will be delighted that their purchase remains at the top of the Edge pile for another year or so. The Edge 1030plus will come in (edit) June 2020 though but the good news there will be that it will contain EVEN MORE EXCITING STUFF…not sure what yet, of course (Sony GNSS chip ;-), faster hardware plus mystery headline feature )

Tip: Let somebody else do the beta testing. Wait for the release to land automatically on your Edge 1030.

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