STRAVA App – removes BLE sensor support

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Now, THIS NEWS is going to annoy some people BIG TIME. For the rest of us, indeed most of us, we won’t even notice the difference.

Problem: STRAVA appears to have specific issues when you use their app to directly record your workouts AND specifically if you also have sensors attached.

Well, actually it’s wider than that. Basically, the code that STRAVA use to support the minority of users who pair sensors is actually crashing the apps of people who DO NOT use sensors. Or at least that’s what STRAVA say (here)

Well, soon they will stop YOU from attaching those sensors. In fact, they already have. They’re not supported anymore. The exception is that if you’ve used sensors linked to the app before 28 Aug then you have a stay of execution for a while to find an alternative app.

STRAVA recommend you use the WAHOO FITNESS app to record sensor usage on your workout. And I’d say that’s a GREAT recommendation. The Wahoo app is more reliable than most and tends to work with a very wide range of sensors.



This is a bit feeble, Mr Strava. If it’s sooo difficult to pair sensors via BLE to apps then why are there SO MANY other companies who do this? But, hey, if you want to push people to the Wahoo app, that’s fine by me.

I suspect that STRAVA are trying to better streamline what they do. Fair enough…if so, just say that.

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