Miranda Power Meter – New Crank-based Bike PM soon

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The Portuguese bike component manufacturer, MIRANDA, have leaked that they are about to announce a new crank-based bike power meter. Details to follow

We can assume and speculate a few things

  1. The image shows a right-side power meter pod. A company will not produce a right-side only PM. We can assume it will be dual-sided and probably additionally available as a single-sided left crank
  2. Miranda already make alloy and carbon-fibre cranks. I would assume the new power meter will only come pre-installed on their own cranks. That’s MUCH easier than factory-fitting to other brands’ cranks or providing kits for you to do a DIY install
  3. Miranda makes cranks for MTBs, track, eBikes and road bikes. Despite the pedal shown in the image, I would assume they would target their PM at moe than just the MTB sector

This is an official pre-announcement announcement by the manufacturer. #Sigh. You don’t even get a good rumour these days.

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