Garmin to introduce SKI POWER | 2019

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This has been up on the net for quite a while but it looks like the Garmin HRM-PRO is real (it is).

But I’d missed before where it said that ski power will be introduced as part of the new XC ski-related metrics.

The ski season starts soon…hurry up with that belt Mr Garmin.

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Speculation & Thoughts

  • I’m not especially interested in ski power, whatever that means, and it appears to only be for XC skiers in any case.
  • Clearly, ski power will be calculated along a similar vein to Garmin’s running power ie an HRM belt will be required alongside a decent Garmin watch with onboard barometric altimeter.
  • As it’s a new belt (it is) then will it have more accurate innards that make Garmin Running Power more accurate at the same time?
  • Skiing starts pretty soon. I’m guessing an announcement in the next two weeks to allow time for retailers to get their stock on the shelves.
  • Price £100/$100/Eu100 sort of level
  • Yes, it will also do BLE.
  • Yes it will probably do everything that HRM-TRI can do. It’s NOT called HRM-SKI, after all.
  • At the same time we MAY ALSO get the other Garmin accessories that are due ie a BLE running pod, a BLE RD-POD and BLE versions of the 3 existing HRM straps – hrm-tri, hrm-swim, hrm-run. But those 3 straps PROBABLY WILL NOT be released and it will just be the one PRO strap IMHO.
  • It would make sense to concentrate marketing efforts onto multiple, low-value products rather than have separate mini launches for each accessory.


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6 thoughts on “Garmin to introduce SKI POWER | 2019

  1. Hopefully we a new footpod that is like stryd with a coin battery. I like the of stryd but charging something else is not on top of my list.

  2. Hey, thats me, @john. Woot Woot.

    This is kinda cool I guess. I’m still super bummed. I feel like the general state of things in sports “stuff/things” is iteration, not innovation.

    Seriously, an LTE chip in a HR strap, with its own dedicated battery so it can bluetooth its internet connection to the watch (the same thing a phone does) would be innovation. Users are way more willing to accept the size needed on a HR strap.

    1. fame at last 😉
      your idea makes sense.
      a gps there probably wouldn’t because of the aerial
      my concern would be fcc approval with the testing of that electrical stuff next to your heart…IDK the rules on that.

      1. I would have to believe that the fcc is already making phone mfg’s do this. Think of where you hold your phone when texting 80% of the time…

        GPS probably should stay onboard the phone so there are not any latency issues with communicating time/position via BLE to the time on the watch… and the whole “nothing works more than 3 inches underwater” thing.

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