new Garmin MARQ Commander

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MARQ Commander

Garmin has just announced a new MARQ variant, this time it is the COMMANDER, which is a TACTICAL watch.

These are the only ‘new’ or restricted features that I see it has

  • Jumpmaster, Tactical & Expedition modes
  • Orienteering (!?)
  • Night Vision mode
  • Lighter than the ATHLETE coming in at 87 g (94 g with silicone rubber) vs 94g
  • Same nylon strap as the CAPTAIN which fits wrists with a circumference of 135-213 mm
  • Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coated titanium BEZEL and CASE.

It’s listed as a “Modern tool watch with topographic maps and tactical functions” and comes in at a hefty $1950.00

In related news, the EXPEDITION mode has been renamed to ADVENTURER. Make of that what you will.

This TACTICAL variant release is in line with developments in the Fenix and Instinct ranges. For example, we recently saw the Garmin Instinct Coyote which is also billed as a TACTICAL watch.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Brian Reiter

At $1950 they aren’t really targeting soldiers — even officers. Is the target market for this thing mercenaries?


Haha that made me laugh! I first thought it was one of those Garmin Star Wars watches for adults…I mean “Commander”. With “Sabre duel” as a sports profile.


Haha..ridiculous pricing..just dont tell your wife

Brian Reiter

I actually met someone in real life a couple of years ago on Safari at Motopos in Zimbabwe who had a Chronos.

I think there is a market for these devices but the retail strategy seems really strange. Like the Mariner one should be sold at the yacht dealers that sell the Garmin navigation gear for Yachts. The driver one should be sold at high end car dealerships as an add-on to your Porsche Boxster. Wherever light aircraft are sold is where the aviation one should be sold. Bike shops that sell high-end tri gear should sell the Athlete. You should be able to buy an Explorer where you kit up for an Everest expedition. Etc.

I’m baffled as to who is going to buy this one though.


“I´m baffled as to who is going to buy this one though.”

Well-funded domestic terrorists? Survivalist nut-jobs?

Brian Reiter

My understanding is that is exactly not how Garmin is selling the MARQ. But I think they should.

What I understand they are actually doing is retailing through traditional jewelry watch dealers.