SunGod competition for free Sunglasses plus 10% Discount 2019

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Sungod Discount & Competition | Sunglasses

Further below is the latest discount code for Sungod sunglasses but first why not try the competition to get a free one

Sungod Pacebreakers discount competition
Click to enter on SunGod.Co

First Try The Free Competition

A couple of clicks and you could win a pair of SunGod sunglasses, either the Classics3, Sierras, Revolts, Vanguards, Renegades or PaceBreakers models. I reviewed the PaceBreakers from a sporty perspective (link to: SunGod PaceBreakers Review) and looked at the Classics model too (link to: SunGod Classics Review – Classics2 ). Recently I announced the Winter Sungod Revolt Ski/Boarding Goggles and highlighted the use of clearer lenses for winter cycling with the PaceBreakers.


Entry is free. I don’t get anything if you enter SunGod’s competition on their site. If you later go on to buy one of the products then SunGod pay a small commission. SunGod state that you have a 1 in 500 chance of winning and they seem a reputable company that I have dealt with on and off for over two years (as of August 2019 there has been one winner from about 450 entrants rfom this site)

Sungod Discount

Here is a link and the sunGod Discount code can be obtained using the coupon TFKR10


Code: TFKR10

SUNGOD PaceBreakers REVIEW – Sports Sunglasses – Running – Cycling – Triathlon


SunGod Classics Review 😎 Custom CLASSICS3 sunglasses

SunGod Revolts – Pre-order for Winter 2018/19


SUNGOD PaceBreakers – Winter Cycling & a Low Light Lens


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