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Google WiFi Review

Amazon has lowered the price of Google’ GA00158-UK Wi-Fi Whole Home System, White, Pack of 3 to £199.00. This is the lowest ever price on Amazon. The link also shows what looks like the lowest prices for single packs and double packs too.

There’s a detailed review, below, from a couple of years ago when I did my home update.

TalkTalk or your broadband provider might do a similar thing but, hey, TalkTalk…vs Google. Who would you trust to generally make stuff work? And it DOES work well. #NoLookingBack.


This site is a sport-focussed site, so…: Simple reasons for triathletes to get one: Your Zwift will be faster in the shed and your Garmin will only ever have to connect to one WiFi SSID to auto upload plus you can prioritise the speed on your phone compared to any other device in your house (Ssssh, don’t tell anyone)


Google WiFi Review – Rubbish & Good at the same time [ rebranded and expanded: Google Nest WiFi ]


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6 thoughts on “Google MESH WiFi – lowest ever price

  1. Presume this is triggered by the imminent announcement of Google Wifi 2.

    Am really tempted by the price of the 3 pack, but also keen to see what benefits Wifi 2 brings. Hopefully stocks last long enough at this price to be worthwhile taking the chance of waiting…

    1. yes i noticed wifi2 a few hours after posting this
      i cant see how it would improve anything regarding my setup as my end devices (eg smartphones) all run at max they can with google wifi 1.
      there are also some new google home speakers planned apparently. i’m hoping i can get a google nest doorbewll for considerably cheaper than £$200. let’s see.

      1. there did seem to be suggestions that Wifi2 would include WiFi v6, but this now looks unlikely. wouldn’t have helped my devices either, but would have felt was future proofing to some extent.

        what seems to be likely is a Google Home that is also a mesh node. useful as I’ve got a Google Homes kicking about, but very much depends on price…

          1. yes, the google wifi v1 in the article is MESH

            i think what that article is saying is that there will be microphones added to the WIFI v1 pods. ie you wont then need to buy the speakers/mics separately.

            when you say ‘google home’ i presume you are speaking about the little speakers (which i have). they are definitely NOT mesh wifi nodes.

            but yes, combining the two is a good idea, although the lower price point speakers/mics must still go forwards in a similar format otherwise the whole pricing model would fall apart i reckon. hence it only makes sense to add value to the higher-priced wifi pods by incorporating additional capabilities (mic/speaker)

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