Thursday Training Theme: This week’s favourite training session, Let’s start simple WARMUP

Theme: Warmup

As I’ve become more attuned, zen-like, to my body I can feel the difference that a good/bad warm-up sometimes makes,


especially when I’m bringing in a little fatigue to the workout that follows.

A good warmup definitely clears out the cobwebs from my arteries. This is the one that I use for sessions that start with a bike, including brick sessions that start with a bike. I’ll even sometimes do this as a bike warmup for a run session, although I’ve never tried following it with STRYD, based on watts. I have verified how it works on me by using Humon Hex to check my muscle oxygen levels and it seems to be a properly functioning workout according to the Hex – I’d imagine that British Cycling did a little more scientific research than that to prove it’s the right thing to do though!

You should be able to cut and paste this into a spreadsheet or this Generic Warmup might work (ERG/FIT). It probably assumes your normal cycling cadence is in the 90s, so if yours is lower then tone down the cadence to suit. If you want to try it as a run warmup, I’d be intrigued to know your results if you use STRYD but if you are just looking for a guide to a RUN-warmup structure then it should be alright for that too.


British Cycling Warmup @FTP=300w
0:05:0045%900:05:00135w5m @ 45% FTP (90 RPM)
0:02:0055%950:07:00165w2m @ 55% FTP (95 RPM)
0:02:0065%1000:09:00195w2m @ 65% FTP (100 RPM)
0:02:0075%1050:11:00225w2m @ 75% FTP (105 RPM)
0:01:3085%1100:12:30255w90s @ 85% FTP (110 RPM)
0:00:30100%1200:13:00300w30s @ 100% FTP (120+ RPM)
0:02:0045%900:15:00135w2m @ 45% FTP (90 RPM)
0:00:06105%1200:15:06315w6s @ 105% FTP (Max RPM)
0:01:0045%900:16:06135w1m @ 45% FTP (90 RPM)
0:00:06105%1200:16:12315w6s @ 105% FTP (Max RPM)
0:01:0045%900:17:12135w1m @ 45% FTP (90 RPM)
0:00:06105%1200:17:18315w6s @ 105% FTP (Max RPM)
0:02:4245%900:20:00135w2m42s @ 45% FTP (90 RPM)

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