Thursday Training Theme: This week’s favourite training session

Theme: Anaerobic Capacity

I’m just about to start tapering for my last multisport race of the season, or at least the last one that I’ve booked onto. It’s a C race and so not THAT important.


This was the first part of a brick session on a Wahoo KICKR (it was raining!) and it involved: a proper warmup; then I experimented with some VO2esque intervals using the Humon Hex; and then I went off to run in Z2 for 45 minutes.

I’m not quite sure if there is any science whatsoever around the precise nature of these intervals but the effort period starts when the Hex gives the green light and, funnily enough, stops with the red light. It was at something like 130% FTP and I should have kept going longer with more reps but my whole session was time-limited as I had other things to do.

In the grand scheme of things this session isn’t THAT hard however working with the Hex Parameters does make me seem more tired afterwards than I would otherwise expect.


A more normal Anaerobic Capacity workout would see you doing something like 2-3x {(5x 1’@Z6, 1′ RI), 3′ RI}

Here’s the warmup

Thursday Training Theme: This week’s favourite training session, Let’s start simple WARMUP

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