New: Polar Vantage MAJOR Firmware Update

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Today you will get the latest major firmware update (V4.0.11) to the Polar Vantage sports watches ie BOTH the M and V (V-Titan) models have new features but there are some differences between the models

This Version 4 release has been broadly publicised in advance for several months on Polar’s roadmap page. A quick look there will show you that Version 5 has plans to introduce STRAVA live segments (V), Fitspark (V+M) and Race Pace (V+M).

To me, version 4 represents the Vantage finally catching up and mostly surpassing the features on the much older Polar V800.

Generally, we are seeing a continuation of the theme to improve the accuracy of the onboard sensors, particularly with Galileo satellites (to be tested!). Then we are seeing sleep and relaxation related features from this year’s earlier Polar IGNITE release. Then there are the more ‘pro’ features including zone lock which supports variable-zone based pacing (unique to Polar), manual footpod calibration and Polar’s fitness test. The absence of many of these features has been mildly annoying some Polar users for over a year. Hopefully, now everyone will be happy and they certainly should be when v5 is released later this year.

Here’s what you get right now:


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