new MioPOD Announced

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MIO recently trailed a new announcement (here) and today it’s properly official: mioPOD

POD2 noHolesThe new mioPOD is what the first generation of Mio devices should have morphed into in 2015/6 when their super-innovative optical HRM bands somewhat stalled in the marketplace as the larger GPS companies and smartwatch companies started to take over the leadership with the implementation of optical HR tech. Well, they’re here now and it looks like a great place to re-start. I’m pretty sure where they will be heading in the medium-term with the product including support for personalized training plans and gym class management. But, for now, I hope you’ll agree that combining ANT+/BLE broadcasting with an app that boasts Firstbeat analytics is a good place to start.

App and mioPOD

Here are some highlights

  • Designed to be worn on the upper arm. Cleverly reducing the chance of error should they have chosen to make it a wrist-worn sports product
  • Low-powered Valencell sensor for both long-life and a good chance of accuracy, indeed Mio claim “EKG-accurate heart rate data at performance-level speeds
  • in-app (mioAPP) Firstbeat features with Training Load, Training Effect (Aerobic and Anaerobic), Recovery Time and Calories Burned
  • broadcasts HR over BLE and ANT+ to give a good chance of compatibility with most other equipment.
  • Visual display of HR zone (app and LED) plus haptic feedback (vibration) when you switch training zone
  • Onboard workout cache



mioPOD Specifications

  • Performance-level Optical Heart Rate
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Burned Calories
  • Fitness Level
  • Heart-Rate LIGHT Alerts
  • Haptic Alerts
  • Running Cadence
  • Training Insights
  • 5 ATM Water Resistant – swim proof
  • Syncs with mioAPP
  • Stores 30 Hours Of Workouts
  • NFC / BLE / ANT+ Connectivity
  • 24HR BATTERY LIFE claimed


At US$99, this is more highly-priced than the Polar OH1+ and Wahoo Tickr FIT. It shares the same price as the Scosche Rhythm but is cheaper than Whoop (Review).

The technical specs of the strap itself are nearly identical to the Scosche but you get the app functionality as well so you could probably argue it was correctly priced compared to the competition.

Sure, most people will end up using it linked to either a sports watch or other app so the benefits of the app may go unused. But I’m sure some of you WILL dive into the training and recovery metrics kindly provided by Fristbeat for the app. There is some extra training insight there for you.

Price: $99 from Mio Labs

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10 thoughts on “new MioPOD Announced

  1. Cool. Thanks. Can it be connected to both the Mio app and a watch via BLE or is it restricted to just one BLE-connection?
    I don’t have an ANT+ phone or watch.

      1. Somebody needs to make a dual BLE / Ant + HRM that can be worn on upper arm.
        I can’t understand why Polar add dual BLE to their H10 but not to OH1….. I’d buy a dual BLE upper arm device in a nano-second.

  2. Is the MioPod a discontinued item?
    Has Mio-Labs ceased support to the MioPod?
    About 2 weeks ago the MIO iOS app on my phone started giving an error message “Network access failed. Please check the internet connection on your phone.?
    The phone is provably connected to the internet as all other apps on the phone requiring internet work.
    Emails to Mio-Labs have not gotten a response.
    The MioPod still provides heart rate data to my Garmin Edge, just no downloads to the Mio iOS app on the phone.

    1. I think something has happened there. I’m not sure what.
      I encountered something similar a couple of weeks back but didn’t investigate any further than pinging off an email (no response).

  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    I too have sent several emails to the address listed at the mid-lab we site: no response.
    Very disappointing. I miss the work out data downloads although the Mio Pod still sends heart rate to my Garmin Edge.
    Any suggestions for how to contact the company?

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