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We all love training outdoors but, in those now-famous words, “Winter is coming”. For much of the UK, this now seems to mean that it might occasionally mean that temperatures get down to single-figure degrees Celcius. Nevertheless, many of us know that we should be putting on pounds of muscle in the gym in the ‘off’ season.

We also know that a full year gym membership will go unused for much of the year.

I’ve used PayAsYouGym for a couple of years now for occasional access to my local gyms. They give pay-as-you-go access to council gyms and, in my case, also the SAME access to Nuffield Health, which I think used to be Virgin Active. There may well be other options all over the country.

PayAsYouGym have been rebranded to

The key thing is that you do NOT need to do one of those annoying familiarisation sessions when you use a new gym

So, in the case of Nuffield Health, that means you can use a reasonably good gym for less than £10 a pop. Council gyms can be less than £5. At least those are the prices near me in London, no doubt prices elsewhere will vary.

There are also time-limited, cheaper package deals, starting from packs of single days going right up to a three-months-for-the-price-of-two offer. In the above example of Nuffield, they have different tiers of gym so prices vary, but you would then probably be looking at 2x£90 for a three-month membership. Which probably isn’t too bad for a half-decent gym in London (much cheaper elsewhere in the country)

You pay on the app BEFORE you go, turn up and then show the code on your app. It’s simple.

If you are interested this link should give you 50% off your first pass, I’m not sure if the two offers I’ve mentioned here will work together. If you use the following link I get a free gym session, thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Cheap (ish) *UK* Gym Access with pay as you go [ PayAsYouGym >> ]

  1. Didn’t know pay-as-you-go gyms existed! I’m relocating across the pond to the Reading area towards the end of the year and will look into this when I get there. Thanks for enlightening me, and I’ll be sure to use your link 🙂

  2. Wonder if the rebrand has anything to do with the data breach they suffered? (Payment info was safe) I had a significant upturn in spam after that and never logged into the site again. May try again soon.

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