Forum Closed…Sorry

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I’ve had to close the forum on this site, sorry to those of you who were using that. Despite adding just about every possible s**m reduction feature I just couldn’t keep up with making it look all tidy. Both my time and life are limited so…

As an example here is a shot from my hit log from a few minutes ago. Look at the time stamps it’s almost literally every second that they’re up to something nefarious.

So I’ve deleted the software (thanks Glenn for the heads-up) which means those of you who registered there should be deleted without a trace.

Plus, on a related note…

Here is a note to Taiwan

Dear Taiwan,

We all love you and respect that you’re not (yet) part of China. But, hey, if you want our (my) support just please stop trying to hack my site every day, this is getting silly.

All my admin logins have 2 Factor Authentication. So, as far as I know,  you’re going to have to chop my finger off, steal my mobile phone, workout the mobile phone’s login AND guess my online admin password. I mean, good luck there folks, it ain’t gonna happen. (Famous last words).

Blogger Top Tip: If you use WORDFENCE for the security on your site then they have free Two-Factor Authentication.






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10 thoughts on “Forum Closed…Sorry

  1. As part of my job, have to look after a raft of WordPress sites that rarely change once they are set up, think I’ve got the lockout period up to a few days at this stage!

  2. Lol if you think 2FA would stop someone determined to do bad things you’re very much mistaken. Luckily all these people want to do is spam you 🙂

    Also, if you think the traffic originated in Taiwan…let’s just say you’re probably looking in the wrong direction.

  3. Sorry, the app wasn’t sent to your device because we’re having trouble communicating with our servers. Please try again later.

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