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OK, OK I know I wasn’t going to plan to do a ‘review’ of this new Sleep app but I had hoped to write something at least a little bit original.


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I have the TicWatch S2 and last night I charged it up so that I could immerse my left wrist in a night of fun with the new TicSleep feature. Rest assured, the night of fun did NOT happen as the S2 is not (yet) compatible with the TicSleep app.

Compatability is currently only for the TicWatch Pro and this summer’s release of the Pro 4G/LTE version.

How it Works:

It automatically does it’s stuff when you go to bed. You then wake up to the full estimated glories of your night’s sleep stages and heart rate movements either on the app or the watch itself.

One interesting featurette that MIGHT be worth testing out when this finally comes to the S2 model is the SMART ALARM function. Details on exactly how that works are a little sketch but it’s probably in line with what (IIRC) Withings did a couple of years back with their bedside sleep monitor. In that you will be woken up slightly earlier than your alarm if you are detected to be in a LIGHT sleep stage, the theory being that it is best not to interrupt other sleep stages by waking at ‘the wrong time’

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