Suunto 9: 20% off

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There’s an intriguing 20% off the Suunto 9 right now. Maybe this heralds an updated model 9 version? maybe it heralds a sale in advance on Black Friday? IDK either way. But, hey 20%

The price (on the right) might be higher than the ones linked to below. The ones linked to below include Wiggle who are currently offering 12-23% off and the discounts at Wiggle include the Baro model.




Links to partners in your country, some offer discounts – especially with the loyalty schemes linked to from here with REI and Wiggle.


Suunto 9 BARO – First Runs & Rides






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7 thoughts on “Suunto 9: 20% off

  1. Who knows. The suunto 9 non-baro also falls in line with the Spartan sport line IMHO. Would love to see a new version, maybe even one for the small size wrist of this world

    1. THAT is a good point. Suunto do lack the smaller wristed version with the 9. I wonder if they have a large enough potential market to go with that. although i’d imagine it would have to be in line with a release of a new mode eg a Suunto 9 (2020) large and small…that kind of thing. but i dont believe it will happen

      1. Genuine question: are small-size versions really necessary? Speaking as someone with small wrists, I have zero issues with my Spartan Sport. While it *is* literally as wide as my wrist, the OHR gives readings that strike me as more than acceptably accurate and it sits so comfortably that I forget it’s there.

        At the moment it’s actually my everyday watch (because my “real” watch broke and I haven’t had time to get it sorted). This *will* become a problem once the weather turns cold enough to mandate long sleeves AND coats AND gloves, but wouldn’t that would apply to any sports watch large enough to have a useful display? The height alone would make it uncomfortably bulky in conjunction with any serious outer clothing.

        Point being, if/when I upgrade it’ll be to another full-size version even if smaller options are available. What are other small-wristed people’s reasons for preferring a smaller sports watch?

      2. My wirsts, if I were to measure them, are probably on the smaller-sde of average and I prefer the larger watches too. Although as the years pass Isuspect that bias is coming from my increasing inability to read tiny screens 😉 To answer your question, for many people it is surely an aesthetic call.

      3. Oh yes, middle-aged eyesight is an issue here as well. Just wait’ll you hit fifty! I’d have been perfectly happy with the functionality of the Spartan Trainer but had to send it back because the display was too dim to read when the sun was above the horizon. The Spartan Sport (still) works… provided that I don’t try to use any of the seven-field data screens. But it’s only a matter of time before

      4. I guess it’s just my personal preference and less of a market need. I own the SST, but the aesthetics of the Spartan sport still appeal to me. Not a big fan of garmin though, but screen size and form factor are more balanced in IMHO compared to Suunto. Especially compared to my aging SST.. But I’m not entirely sold on a Suunto 5 either. Between a rock and a hard place as you guys would call it 🙂

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