Wahoo ELEMNT – 17% Off

There is 17% off the base level ELEMNT right now. It’s a great device and that’s a reasonable price, with the lowest ever price being £177 in 2017

That UK discount is available directly at Wahoo, Wiggle and others and it’s probably the same in the EU.

With this year’s arrival of the ROAM model then we might see new low prices on the regular ELEMNT around Black Friday. But I don’t think you will see anything crazy like a sub-£150 price unless a replacement model is on the cards.

I can’t see any obvious deals at REI in the USA but if you became a member there and factored in the annual loyalty bonus then there would be a significant discount

The base-level ELEMNT and ROAM are the same size but the ROAM looks like the Wahoo Bolt. I prefer the ELEMNT’s quirky looks to those of the ROAM but mostly because the buttons are superior. Clearly, the ROAM has superior navigation functionality and a superior colour screen. And, of course, a superior price.

The chances of an upgraded ELEMNT (sans maps) could be on the cards in 2020. IDK.

If you are thinking of buying a Wahoo ELEMNT – take this deal now rather than hoping for a marginally better one in the near future.


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