Oura vs Whoop vs Biostrap vs [Insert Your Product Here]

Confused? Some Pointers – I’ll Keep It Brief

Here’s a quick overview to cover where some of the newer, innovative fitness products fit for different kinds of people.

Many people probably don’t appreciate the difference between a fitness watch, a sports watch and a smartwatch let alone how various straps and rings fit into those categories. Fair enough, almost everyone (except me) has a life outside of their gadgets. I’ll briefly explain where Oura, Whoop, Apple, Biostrap, Fitbit and Garmin sit.

Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring ReviewWhoop Strap v3

Whoop is targetted at athletes and wannabe athletes.

whoop 3 review strap 2019 2020 reddit membership bicepWhoop measures activity and rest to give an estimate of readiness+recovery, and that information feeds into recommendations and insights on future activities like how much sleep you need.

Key Point: It has s sports-grade optical heart rate sensor.

WHOOP Review – WHOOP Bicep Band: v 3 Strap Specs

Buy one: $30/month Use code THE5KRUNNER10, on the WHOOP site to get a 10% discount. EU use THE5KRUNNER10EU

Oura Ring v2

Oura targets health and fitness  conscious people who are interested in their readiness state and sleep efficiencies

New Oura Ring Review


Like Whoop, Oura measures activity and rest to give an estimate of readiness/recovery, and that information feeds into recommendations and insights on future activities like how much sleep you need.

Key Point: The app produces detailed sleep insights but the optical heart rate sensor is not designed to be sports grade.


Oura Ring Review 💍 New Oura Ring 2, 2020

Buy one from $299  here


Biostrap targets biohackers who are perhaps, in a nice way, obsessed with understanding some of the machinations of their body’s inner workings


WHOOP Biostrap

Biostrap delivers an impressive amount of information on you and your body activities, including sleep stages. Furthermore, it makes more use of additional external sensors.


Biostrap Review – DEEP / PROPER Activity Tracker

Key Point: For a casual health freak, Biostrap might give information overload and be somewhat lacking in TELLING YOU what to do next.

Buy one $180: Biostrap.com 15% discount with code “the5krunner”  (Biostrap discounts increase to 25% in sale periods)

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch attempts to target very many market segments linked to activity. However it’s standout feature is its technological ‘smartness’. Along with its impressive array of apps, it presents a very, very clever set of solutions. Although, at least it appears to.

Apple Watch 4 Review Nike 44mm


The Apple Watch 4/5 is an impressive technical platform upon which a vast array of sports, health, fitness and athletic apps can endeavour to turn you into a ‘better you’.

Apple Watch 4 Review (Nike+ 44mm Edition)


Key Point: The Apple Watch 4/5 does have sports-grade, onboard sensors. Demanding athletes would bemoan the interface, sleep functions and battery-life…but that’s about it.


The Garmin Vivoactive/Venu or Forerunner

Garmin starts out targetting the athletically-minded and then work their way carefully to cover smarts, health and fitness.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Review Buy Price SaleWhilst Apple fails to properly deliver true sporting functionality, Garmin’s products do fulfil ‘sport’ in buckets. Garmin’s Forerunner and Fenix products are generally superior products for wannabe athletes to any other product listed here. The Vivoactive/Venu product is the one that’s getting prettier, smarter and trying to compete with the Apple Watch for the smart, health & fitness crowd.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 Specifications | VA4s Venu | VA4 VA3M Comparison

Key point: Garmin’s sports products are designed to be interacted with by athletes for the required time durations ie they typically have a decent battery. They often lack ‘prettiness’, although the Vivoactive/Venu is starting to address that

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Fitbit Ionic / Versa 2

Fitbit generally targets a similar space to that targetted by the Apple Watch, except that Apple got to that space first and generally did it better.

Fitbit Ionic Starling Bank Contactless PaymentFitbit does have a rather nice health, fitness and SOCIAL platform and, in my opinion, it doesn’t have enough apps to deliver a rich experience on the wrist, although you will strike it lucky with one or two health and fitness apps.

▷ Fitbit Ionic Review – Detailed | Apple Watch Competitor

Key Point: A new Fitbit typically seems to appeal to those who own an older Fitbit. So if you already have one you’re safe to buy another one and if not, well…Fitbit just got bought by Google.

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2 thoughts on “Oura vs Whoop vs Biostrap vs [Insert Your Product Here]

  1. I’d add the Ignite to that list :
    – Advanced Recovery tracker (HRV based)
    – Sleep Tracker
    – Excellent Wrist OHR so good data fed into the “Cardio Load” tracker and “Running Index”.
    – Bonus feature : Fitspark…must admit I haven’t found much use for it yet 😉
    – Smartwatch (notifications, stopwatch, etc…)

    • I thought of writing this post a different way (decided not to) , where i was going to cahllenge people to sum up the devices above (or new ones) and just use a sentence…it’s hard if the target audience is assumed not to know much about the product

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