new Oura MOMENT

Oura Ring has just introduced the MOMENT feature onto their Android apps which was initially rolled out to iOS users in July.

Q: What Is It?

It’s a customisable up-to-10-minute meditation period where your resting HRV is taken

This is a similar feature to that found on some of the more advanced sports watches, however, of course, the beauty with Oura is the sheer convenience of the ring format for 24×7 usage over other formats like watches. Whilst the Oura Ring’s oHR is not designed for sports levels of HR usage is IS OK for resting HRV as the finger is actually a good place for such readings.

to get this to owrk you click on the little ‘+’ sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the app and then follow the instructions to do your daily piece of mindfulness.

Heads-Up – you will need to update the app AND be sure that the ring’s firmware is up-to-date before this will work. Even when you have done that when you first attempt a MOMENT some extra bits might be downloaded WITHIN the Oura app. ONLY THEN are you good to go.


Interested to know more?

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Oura Ring – new Moment Meditation


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