Fitbit Deals – close to all-time lows latest pre-Black Friday discounts at Amazon

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Fitbit Deals at Amazon & Wiggle

Fitbit Icon image logoThere are several fairly low FITBIT prices at the moment with Amazon which somewhat put Wiggle’s current “Fitbit discounts” to shame (Wiggle have some great deal ELSEWHERE!!). In the UK the Versa is just £10 over the all-time lowest price and it’s a similar difference in the USA.

Is this the best time though?

Well, it’s clearly not a bad time. I’m pretty sure prices will slip another $/£10 or so by the end of the month but for that saving, many of you just might as well go for it now. HOWEVER I sense in my waters that Black Friday will be a disappointment for Fitbit and that we will see some bigger deals after that…say £/$30-40 less than where we are now. then again that’s pure speculation

Current Offers:

    • Versa down to £145 and $139 on Amazon (£172 on Wiggle, $169 at REI less 10%)
    • Versa Lite down to $129 and £122 on Amazon
    • Ionic down to $134 and £203 on Amazon (£242 at Wiggle, $249 at REI less 10%)
    • Versa 2 down to £179 and $198 on Amazon ($199 at REI less 10%)

Order Fitbit

There is a whole swathe of non-Fitbit & non-Amazon deals starting now and going through to early December. They will all be linked to from this link HERE or via the black and red image, below


Image links to other, non-Garmin deals





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