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Omata One Review, it’s such a novel cycling computer that it’s definitely worth a quick post to make that relatively small market that OMATA is targetting aware of what is, after all, a beautiful cycling computer.

Plus…it’s just interesting!

What Is The Omata One & Who Would Buy It?

The Omata One bike computer is a GPS device and that gives the first clue that this is indeed an electronic bike computer. Indeed it will happily link to the companion app via Bluetooth and, in the near future, support external sensors over BLE/ANT+. However, the key design twist is that there is a conversion of the digital data we all know and love into a Seiko analogue watch movement. In this context, analogue means ‘the hands physically move’ – and that’s what you see when riding…MOVING HANDS!

So, it records relatively rich digital data and produces a FIT file for STRAVA when it’s finished. Yet, when riding, some kinds of riders will clearly enjoy a bike computer that is minimal on metrics and heavy on looks.

I would see a trendy urbanite with a trendy bike and the obligatory brown handlebar tape using one of these. At the same time, for those of us who have more than one bike and do more than one kind of ride-type, then this sort of bike computer could suit us for commuting, weekend posing or just simply for one of those days where we want to grab the stats to whack up to STRAVA later.

Or…you just want a Rolex for your bike. Why not?

Hey. If you want it to show your last lap Normalized power and VAM then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Omata One – Review of how it Works

The bezel twists to RIDE, STOP RIDING or be put into smartphone CONNECT mode where it can be configured or where data can be sync’d. Ride data can also be sync’d over a USB-C cable while charging.

Whilst riding, the OMATA One shows five lots of data namely; Speed, Distance, Ascent, Time and Battery Level and there are both metric and imperial versions of the OMATA.

All data is stored on the OMATA as a standard FIT file.

ANT+/BLE sensor pairing is via a forthcoming firmware update and will record Power, Heart Rate and Cadence data from your sensors.

Omata One Versions

The OMATA One comes in two variations: Metric on Gray, and Imperial on White (above).

OMATA Utility App

The three views are Home, Ride and Settings.



OMATA One is a modern cycling computer built around the One, our patented digital-to-analogue modern mechanical movement. The OMATA One translates GPS and other sensor data into precision rotary mechanical movement. As you move, it moves. You can see and feel your effort through the physical motion of dial hands.

We believe the analogue presentation of your effort is much more in harmony with riding a bike. You push down on your pedals, feel the physical effort of your legs, heart and lungs — and your wheels turn as the OMATA One’s Speed hand rises.

Everyone who takes the time to ride with it agrees: it changes the way they ride. Read the reviews down below from your fellow cyclists who really ride with the OMATA One.

Omata One Specs

Here are the OMATA One specifications

  • Usage: Road bike, MTB, Tour
  • Diameter: 62.7 mm
  • Thickness: 17.2 mm
  • Touchscreen: no
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Battery life: up to 17 hours
  • Waterproof: yes
  • GPS: yes
  • GLONASS: yes
  • Altimeter: barometric
  • Temperature: yes
  • Accelerometer: yes, 3-axle no
  • Heart rate measurement: (future sensor support)
  • Display performance data: no
  • Transmission media: Bluetooth (Future sensor support: ANT +, BLE)
  • App: iOS only
  • Smart Notification: no
  • Pre-installed cards: no
  • Internal memory: 4 GB
  • Card extension possible: no
  • Optional memory cards: no
  • Colour: black with white dial
  • Weight: 79g

Omata One Review – User Guide

Link to Omata One GPS User Guide (pdf)

Omata One Review of Contents

As well as the Omata One you get a USB cable and an own-branded, K-Edge out-front mount.

Omata One Review of Price objections

Hey. I know what you are going to say.

Well, you can buy a BLE and ANT+ sensor-enabled Lezyne bike computer for about £50/$60 so why on earth would you want to spend $600/£500 on a Garmin Edge 1030 bike computer? Let’s face it you will only ever use about 10% of what the Edge 1030 can do. Why on earth would you buy a Garmin MARQ watch for $1000 when a $200 Polar Vantage M would probably do the job for which you need it?

And why spend thousands on a Prada bag when a freebie plastic bag from Walmart/Tesco will do just as good a job?

The answer is, of course…because you can afford one and you want to buy one. It was ever thus.

Omata One Discount, Price & Availability

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