STRAVA and their privacy policy


STRAVA has today very clearly confirmed its privacy policy.

Whilst I take a swipe at STRAVA from time-to-time, and whilst many of you bemoan STRAVA’s perceived lack of innovation for paying summit members, I hope we can all applaud STRAVA for their newly announced clarity on this issue.

If you look at the bullet-pointed summary, below, you will see that STRAVA has ‘spun’ some of the wording a little bit but it is clear…even if you don’t like it.

Did they have to do it? Sure, it looks like California law has made them clarify what they do with our data. But that’s a good thing and the out-take of the law looks good from an international perspective and it’s great that STRAVA is applying it worldwide – BTW it’s the California Consumer Privacy Act, 2018.

STRAVA Privacy Policy – Summary

Collection and Sale of Data

  • Do we sell your personal information? No
  • Do we share or sell aggregate information? Yes
  • Do we share your data with third party API partners? Yes, with your consent
  • Do we use sensitive categories of data, like health information? Yes, with your consent
  • Do we use your contact list if you allow us access? Yes
  • Do we delete your data when you request account deletion? Yes
  • Do we retain your data for as long as we need it unless you request deletion? Yes

Privacy Tools and Controls

  • Can you control who sees your activity and content? Yes
  • Can you control who sees your location-based activity? Yes
  • Hmmmmm: Are privacy controls set to “Everyone” by default? Yes
  • Can you download and delete your data? Yes
  • Do all members worldwide have the same suite of tools and controls? Yes


  • Do we track your device location to provide Strava to you? Yes
  • Do we track your device location while you are not using the app? No
  • Do we use cookies? Yes
  • Do we track your browsing activities on other sites? No
  • Do we listen to you using your device microphone? No


  • Do we give you advance notice when we make important changes to our Privacy Policy? Yes
  • Do we send you marketing communications with opt out? Yes
  • Do we send you push notifications with opt out? Yes

Privacy Policy in full HERE – at

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