Fitbit Fit OS 4.1 and Wahoo new Firmware

Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa

Let’s do the easy one first.

Wahoo has cocked a snook at STRAVA by enabling support for your rides on the platform. Don’t forget that STRAVA recently removed the ability for RELIVE to link directly to your STRAVA workouts in somewhat mysterious circumstances, although STRAVA users can, instead, use AYVRI which is a similar 3-D post-ride viewer.

Next, we have a release of a new Fitbit OS, hot on the heels of the Google takeover. This is a fairly major release and v4.1 gives the following ‘exciting’, new features…make the most of them folks, ‘cos they will start to dry up as we see Fitbit’s efforts moved towards supporting Google’s Wear OS platform, although not necessarily on your current Ionic and Versa devices.

  • Smart Wake – to wake you up at the right time of your sleep cycle (Nice, it’s been done elsewhere)
  • Sleep Score – now available on the watch (previously app-only)
  • Addition of the AGENDA calendar. (? Why wasn’t this on from day 1)
  • Clock face switcher to store up to 5 clock faces on your Fitbit so that you can switch between them without the need of the app. (Minor but handy for frequent switchers)
  • New clock face options for Versa 2 (Minor)
  • Versa 2 now supports voice activation to start your workout via Alexa. (I know you guys all hate this but I think it’s cool)
  • PurePulse is a new heart rate algorithm which learns from the signature characteristics of your heart-beat and should improve Fitbit’s accuracy here. I’m not sure if it is rolled out to Ionic and Versa 1/Lite. (A nice idea, which admits the inaccuracy on the previous versions)
  • There also seems to be some degree of the automation of power savings modes when battery levels are low.
  • There could be a few more new features but Fitbit seems unable to write a clear press release and life is too short

Take Out

  • Wahoo…nice, thank you
  • Fitbit..nice, thank you…I think.
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1 thought on “Fitbit Fit OS 4.1 and Wahoo new Firmware

  1. I think Fitbit will sort of fade away with updates once google has milked them dry of the data they will collect
    The data google will collect is worth a lot more than they paid for Fitbit (I have been getting all kinds of junk since google took over)
    Fitbit could have been the REAL front runner if they actually did what people asked of them
    There is dtuff on the ionic and Versa that has never been activated (it’s got no chance now either)
    There is so much Fitbit could have been

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