Polar Running Form Analysis via RaceFox

Polar H10Polar has just announced that Polar H10 strap owners can now get real-time running feedback on their running form (skiing too).

First up, use Polar BEAT to double-check that you have set your H10 to be able to broadcast two lots of BLE signals. That way you can still use it with your running watch+H10 whilst you pair the other BLE channel to the RaceFox app on either iOS or Android. As you run, you can squirrel your phone away somewhere and use the audio queues and audio feedback from the app through your earbuds (connected to your smartphone).

RaceFox is a paid-for service and costs Kr39/$11/£10 per month (ish). However, everyone can get a free tryout of the service from this link.

Here are some screenshots from the app and they look to provide similar information that you might get from Runscribe Plus or Garmin’s HRM-TRI/run. It IS nicely presented though.

However, you can’t yet get ski feedback from Garmin so RaceFox has a slight edge here…for now. Apparently, ski dynamics will be available imminently with the HRM-PRO chest strap but obviously, HRM-RPO will be a relatively expensive initial purchase compared to a few months of usage from RaceFox.


We knew a LONG time ago that Polar had some clever electronic bits inside the H10 and we wondered how they would be used. I guess now we know. This is a sensible move by Polar as their limited resources are best focussed elsewhere and a 3rd party like RaceFox is better positioned to deliver something to perhaps rival or beat Garmin. However sporty-gadget history is littered with failed apps and hardware that endeavours to make money out of running form so good luck to RaceFox – probably only Garmin & Runscribe have (relatively) prospered by adopting focussed strategies for the future.

Here’s a video…


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5 thoughts on “Polar Running Form Analysis via RaceFox

  1. I wonder if Polar is calculating any of the metrics on the strap or if they’re sending a raw data stream that RaceFox does the calculations on. If they’re doing some on the strap, I wonder what the odds are they’ll enable the ANT+ HR-RD profile so we can use an H10 and get RD data on Garmin watches natively.

    1. i’d say the odds are against it.
      but having said that polar probably have the best strap…so to make it as accessible as possible is only going to help them.
      i should know the answer to the calcualtion question…but don’t…sorry!

    2. Renee from Racefox. We take the raw accelerometer data from the Polar H10 and do the calcuation in our App which is available for Android/iOS smartphones and the Apple Watch.

      I recommend everyone interested in learning about their running form, give Racefox a try. As far as we know we are one of the first real-time audio coaches that offer in-the-moment feedback on form and technique. Very helpful for those who want to work with deliberate practice.

      We are also do a lot of research on injury prevention and returning from injury: https://www.racefox.com/en/blog/racefox-press-release-injury-prevention

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