New Firmware November 2019 eTap, EPS & RWGPS – Hammerhead Karoo

Hammerhead has just released one of their regular, monthly software updates, this time there is integration with Campagnolo EPS (v3) and SRAM eTap, using the same data fields that were made available last month with Di2 integration.

Plus, there is some neat, new functionality relating to POI-navigation. Currently, the new functionality only works with (non-GPX) routes grabbed or imported from RideWithGPS.

Let’s say you have a route on RWGPS. You add some POIs..and these do NOT have to be on the route you are taking, though it makes sense for them to be somewhere vaguely near the route. Something like this image shows…

As you are riding and following the route then the POIs will be displayed. If, for example, you need an emergency coffee then you tap on the POI-coffee icon on the Karoo (the equivalent one to the brown icon on the image above)  and you will be routed to it using the same terrain method that you are currently following eg gravel.

Once you reach the POI or cancel the POI-detour then you are sensibly/optimally routed back onto your original route.

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I’ve not tried it but it sounds and looks good. Like this…(images removed)

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