Varia £99 & £95 Deals @ Amazon

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Garmin Varia RTL510 £99 Deal & UT800 £95 @ Amazon

Amazon Logo iconThis is a ‘best-ever’ set of prices.

At £99 this is the best ever price on the Varia RTL510 at Amazon UK, and a similarly best price for the UT800.

It is at least £20 better than any other deal I’ve seen ANYWHERE else. Varia are selling well over the last couple of weeks so this deal may end quickly as people are snapping them up like hotcakes.

There doesn’t seem to yet be the same deal in either the EU or USA ($149 at time of writing at .com site). However, some EU sites are showing discounts on the FRONT VARIA light ie the UT800 and, indeed, the UT800 has ‘just’ been discounted on the UK Amazon site as well.


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