Oura Ring Questions & Answers

I’ve been asked a bunch of questions about the Oura Ring over the past few years. The same questions are starting to come back again and again. So here are some answers to all your Oura Ring questions – this is the Oura Ring FAQ-of-all-FAQs. It’s the FAQiest list.OK, got that? Read on 😉 Or ask YOUR question in the comments section if I haven’t yet covered it.

New Oura Ring Review vs Motiv RingHow much does an Oura ring cost?

The Oura Ring costs from $300 or 314.00 €, going up to $1000. More information * here *.

What does the first Oura ring measure?

The Oura Ring measures MOVEMENT, resting HEART RATE and BODY TEMPERATURE. From that data, it determines other lifestyle measurements like Heart Rate Variability, Activity Levels and Sleep Stages. More information * here *.

New Oura Ring Review vs Motiv RingHow accurate is the Oura ring?

The Oura Ring is probably sufficiently accurate to enable regular consumers to get actionable feedback on their sleep and activity. It’s only going to be as accurate as the base measurements and algorithms it uses. On this site I do LOTS of heart rate testing of sports-grade devices, so hopefully, I broadly understand what I am talking about. The Oura Ring looks reasonably accurate at resting levels of heart rate and from that, it should be able to determine resting-HRV accurately enough too. It seems to also make as good an effort as other comparable devices to understand your movements. However it is NOT a sport-grade device that will tell you your heart rate during exercise. From my research into the science of sleep stages, my understanding is that NO DEVICE can accurately determine your sleep stages. However, the Oura Rings does seem to me to give a reasonable steer on my likely sleep stages.

Which finger is best for Oura ring?

You can wear an Oura Ring on any finger as they will all have sufficient blood flow from which Oura can calculate heart rate. So the choice of finger comes down to YOUR practical choices about what looks and feels best. You might want to also consider that your small/pinkie finger or thumb might expose the Oura Ring to more opportunities to be scratched.

Does the Oura Ring Scratch?

Yes, it is possible to scratch the Oura Ring, but not unreasonably so. For example, if you scraped it on hard concrete at the end of a swimming lane or scraped it on metal bars in the gym then it would scratch but it would scratch when doing the washing up or watching TV. I would wear the Oura Ring for a bike ride or a run or a gym class but I would not wear it in a weights room nor in a pool.

New Oura Ring Review vs Motiv RingHow to size your new Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is available in standard rings sizes. It’s best to wait for the free RING SIZING KIT to come and base your size choice on the dummy rings that come in the kit. My recommendation would be for you to choose a size that is ‘snug’ and which allows the ring to be turned whilst on your chosen finger without dragging the skin as you turn the ring. More information * here *.

Do you wear Oura ring all day?

Yes, you wear the Oura Ring all day. It’s a 24×7 ring and the ring format is one of the beauties of the Oura Ring solution to determining recovery levels and sleep stages. Other options like chest straps are simply not as practical as the ring format and I have personally used chest straps for many, many months to prove that to myself! Of course, you don’t HAVE to wear the ring all day but then Oura’s algorithms are only going to be as accurate as the data it collects. Although having said that, you can manually enter exercise periods into the app so, on those occasions, you would NOT have to wear the ring.

Can I wear Oura ring only during the night?

Yes, and in my opinion, I would say that NIGHT is the best time for Oura to gather its most useful data. This WILL enable Oura to give you its view of your night’s sleep however the Oura Ring uses ACTIVITY and SLEEP data together to give readiness data, so if you are not collecting or entering ACTIVITY data then Oura’s view of READINESS is always going to be limited.

Does Oura ring track naps?

Yes, Oura Ring can track naps. More information * here *.

New Oura Ring Review vs Motiv RingDoes the Oura ring track HRV?

Yes, Oura Ring most certainly does track HRV. However, it only tracks RESTING levels of HRV as the finger is not a great place to gather heart rate data for SPORTING levels of activity. But that’s fine, most of us will get the most benefit from how tech looks at our RESTING levels of HRV, so all is good hear from Oura.

How long does Oura ring battery last?

The Oura Ring’s battery life seems to be between 5 and 7 days.

Can you shower with Oura ring?

Yes, you can shower with the Oura Ring. It might be more fun showering with someone else but it’s perfectly fine to take the Oura Ring with you into a bath, shower or spa. More information * here *.

Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring Review

Oura (left) vs Motiv (right)

Which is the best smart ring?

I would say that the Oura Ring is the best smart ring as of December 2019. There is not much competition if I am honest. We might well see Google/Fitbit, Apple or Garmin enter this market in 2020/2021 with a serious competitive offering but I’ve only heard vague rumours about Apple planning to do this. Don’t waste your money on Kickstarter/Indiegogo smart rings, they WILL just be rubbish for SLEEP/READINESS tracking compared to Oura.

There is, of course, always a ‘HOWEVER’.

However, some other smart rings do offer quite nice functionality that Oura can’t, like when it comes to being able to make contactless payments or act as a security authentication device for when you log onto computers. The MOTIV ring tries to do that and does a reasonable job but hardly anyone buys it. The SMART money seems to be for a SMART money that looks at SLEEP and READINESS.

How tight should the Oura Ring be?

When you turn the Oura Ring on our finger it should not drag the skin as you turn. Clearly, the sensors inside the ring need to make good contact with your skin to be able to work properly.

How does Oura Ring track sleep?

This is the best question and the answer is long and complex so, suffice it to say, that the Oura Ring tracks sleep by measuring your basal body temperature, your heart rate and pulse strength along with your body’s movements. It then does some complex maths which neither of us wants to see…probably. But hey it presents that maths in a super-nice and awesome way with lots of sweet charts, prompts and insights. More information * here *.

New Oura Ring Review vs Motiv RingDoes the Oura ring track steps?

Well sort of, the Oura Ring is not a traditional step tracker and so it does not track steps in the way you are probably imagining it might. Instead, the Oura Ring tracks ALL your daily movements and, from those, it gives an indication of your daily steps. However, my impression is that Oura has produced the STEP data because there is customer demand for it and really Oura is more interested in the more fundamental area of your full daily activity as this MUCH BETTER gives an indication of your

Can I wear Oura ring in a sauna?

Yes, you can wear the Oura Ring in a sauna. More information * here *.

Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring ReviewCan you lift weights with Oura ring?

Yes, you can wear the Oura Ring when you lift weights, however, you will probably scratch the ring in so doing. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

What does the Oura ring do?

The Oura Ring sits there on your finger and looks awesome but behind the scenes, it attempts to track your sleep stages and readiness for the day ahead.

How do I sync Oura ring?

The Oura Ring should sync automatically to your Oura app (iOS or Android). There is a progress bar when it is syncing, shown at the top of the app. More information * here *.

New Oura Ring ReviewDoes the Oura ring have an alarm?

No, the Oura Ring does not have an alarm. It is very unlikely that such functionality will be added to this version of the ring.

How does Oura measure sleep?

The Oura Ring measures sleep using a technique called Photoplethysmogramography and uses sensors to measure temperature and blood flow metrics throughout the night.

Is low HRV dangerous?

No, a low HRV is generally good and your HRV will vary throughout the day and will vary throughout any given period of sleep or exercise too for that matter. However, an abnormally LOW HRV reading can be an erroneous reading or it can be the sign of something more serious. If in doubt then get some more detailed advice and double-check how you are wearing and using the ring. More information * here *.

New Oura Ring ReviewIs high HRV good?

Generally, you want a higher HRV in the sense that you want your HRV to trend progressively higher over time. This means you are getting fitter and recovering.

Does Oura ring track heart rate during the day?

Yes, the Oura Ring will periodically track HR throughout the day, however, it is not a 24×7 heart rate tracker in the sense you might be thinking. There is a new meditation feature which can display your instant heart rate if you specifically want to see that.

Below is a summary of the Oura Review, or click here for the full version to find out more info.


In Brief
New Oura Ring Review vs Motiv Ring

Product Name: Oura Ring

Product Description: Ring format sleep, activity and readiness tracker

Brand: Oura

Offer price: 299

Currency: $

Availability: InStock

  • Build Quality - 90%
  • App & Platform - 90%
  • Compatability - 95%
  • Price - 70%
  • Apparent Accuracy - 84%

Uniquely great sleep and recovery analytics in an elegant and easy-to-wear format

Oura Ring is unquestionably the best consumer-grade sleep tool. In part that is the superb form-factor but also in the wealth of insight and feedback you get from the stylish and useful app. And it’s not just sleep insights you get, the readiness and recovery info is great too. You can find a better sports watch and you can find a better mattress-based sleep tool but you will not find anything else quite like Oura. To balance me saying “It’s awesome“, you should know that it will scratch if rubbed against very hard surfaces and Oura will not give you heart rate during exercise.

Q: Does it complement a sports watch that you just wear for sport?

A: Yes.

Q: Does it replace a sports heart rate monitor?

A: No


  • Sleek, refined and timeless design
  • A light ring that is comfortable to wear
  • Good sleep tracking insights
  • Awesome battery life (one week)
  • The smooth & responsive app is well-designed to give you many actionable insights to enhance your lifestyle.


  • Prone to scratching when rubbed against metal surfaces
  • Activity tracking could be improved
  • No 24×7 HR – Oura is NOT a sports heart rate monitor
  • This premium product commands premium prices, starting at $299.







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