STRYD app Update – *BIG* Android Changes

There’s a whopping app update from STRYD today on the Android platform. I’ve not used the iOS version for a long while and I believe that Android is just playing catch up here – rather than there being new-new stuff. Still, it’s worth letting you know what’s new in the app.

I’ll keep this relatively brief as, like I said, it’s mostly not new-new.

New Flow and Navigation

The previous STRYD Andoird app wasn’t great…but it worked. There is now a better ‘home page’ view that starts with more pertinent data. But the biggest change with the flow of the app is the inclusion of app-navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen for quick access to PROFILE, CALENDAR and SETTINGS


This is your access to your workout history and one of the aims here seems to be to aid the identification, number and type of historic run.

There is a self-explanatory calendar heat map (image to right) with larger circles representing longer/further/harder runs. Then you can click through to the run detail where you see a sequential list of tiles representing each run with a nice GPS plot and some summary info on the top.

If you remember from a couple of weeks back, STRYD also introduced the auto-tagging of rides and that info appears on the GPS tile too. For example, HARD LONG RUN and that’s useful as sometimes just the route plot is enough to identify the run but sometimes you might do a wide variety of run type over similar local routes.

You can also ‘favourite’ a particular run now, however, there’s not too much done with that right now. Subsequent updates should bring more functionality there.


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3 thoughts on “STRYD app Update – *BIG* Android Changes

  1. I wish they would add the ability to see the power graph and laps rather than adding these features. These are catch up features from iOS but I wonder why it was a priority over displaying your Critical Power and Power information. Well well well well…

    1. – it depends, I have no go-to watch because of this site. ‘Me’ would have probably stuck with the 935. a 935 for less than £300 is probably a sensible price.
      – see above. I prefer the looks of the vantage and the flow platform and the vantage does the job. I wear the vantage socially but the 945 only ever for sport-related things (including buying coffee and milk from the local shop 😉 .
      – vantage M cannot measure power. but yes I would only ever use Stryd for running power, polar has a different running power model and the two will never be the same.

      thank you for any support…please feel free to click any of the Amazon links each time before buying all of your christmas presents.

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