$10,000 Garmin Marq – VERY Limited Edition

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It’s Christmas, go on. Treat yourself.

Well treat yourself AND 4 other friends with this limited edition box set of MARQ watches from Garmin. These will sell fast so grab yours today.

A snip at $10,000.

Alternatively, just comment below on how ridiculously expensive this is. The “limited-edition” means only 100 sets will be made (aka 100 boxes), 100 sets @£10,000 = $1m for Garmin


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Active JR

Someone in Garmin has the lost the plot! Did not anyone learn when Apple tried this?


How rude would it be to respond to this limited-edition bargain with a remark along the lines of “there’s one born every minute”? 😀

tfk, the5krunner

aaah. that would be funny, not rude 😉

Active JR

Just be rude


If sales are low for individual watches try offering them in exclusive, premium batch. 😀


So long as heart rate is accurate, along with GPS and Altimeter, oh, and syncing with Garmin Connect, I’ll take the lot.


I have so many friends (or will do soon 😉) that I’d better have two sets 😂😂😂

Brian Reiter

Well, wait… it’s not a complete set. Why the F is the mercenary one missing?


LIMITED EDITION? You´re saying I can´t have as many boxes as I´d like?
Not very customer friendly of Garmin!

Fabio Rebelato

FINALLY! It had been so stressful to try and match my daily mood with the correct MARQ. Now I can finally have the peace of mind of having the right look every single day. That’s awesome!!!

tfk, the5krunner



Aha, I was expecting a single watch with all the funstionalities of the all…


$10k for a line of watches that’ll have the same company support of about a year or so with aged tech in about six months as the rest of their current watches will?

How’s the saying go?

-A fool and their money are easily parted.-

That’s the one.

tfk, the5krunner

i hear ya
we all thought the $1000 iphone was madness but now we’re buying even more expensive ones that’ll last 12-24 months before a much needed replacement