$10,000 Garmin Marq – VERY Limited Edition

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It’s Christmas, go on. Treat yourself.

Well treat yourself AND 4 other friends with this limited edition box set of MARQ watches from Garmin. These will sell fast so grab yours today.

A snip at $10,000.

Alternatively, just comment below on how ridiculously expensive this is. The “limited-edition” means only 100 sets will be made (aka 100 boxes), 100 sets @ยฃ10,000 = $1m for Garmin


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19 thoughts on “$10,000 Garmin Marq – VERY Limited Edition

      1. How rude would it be to respond to this limited-edition bargain with a remark along the lines of “there’s one born every minute”? ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. So long as heart rate is accurate, along with GPS and Altimeter, oh, and syncing with Garmin Connect, I’ll take the lot.

    1. a box set from you would buy my friendship
      hey wait a minute.
      even a single MARQ would do that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      although I’m not sure a reviewer should ever say such a thing…oh well. it’s done now

      (jokin people…jeez)

    1. it’s imminently going to be added. I’m lending Garmin a Stanley knife to cut a hole for that one in the presentation box’s foam lining.

      or i could have said “there’s no F in mercenary”

      either way, there’s no shortage of hilarity here today

  2. LIMITED EDITION? Youยดre saying I canยดt have as many boxes as Iยดd like?
    Not very customer friendly of Garmin!

  3. FINALLY! It had been so stressful to try and match my daily mood with the correct MARQ. Now I can finally have the peace of mind of having the right look every single day. That’s awesome!!!

  4. $10k for a line of watches that’ll have the same company support of about a year or so with aged tech in about six months as the rest of their current watches will?

    How’s the saying go?

    -A fool and their money are easily parted.-

    That’s the one.

    1. i hear ya
      we all thought the $1000 iphone was madness but now we’re buying even more expensive ones that’ll last 12-24 months before a much needed replacement

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