Garmin Forerunner 945, 245 – New Swim Features Added

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Some of the new swimming features in Garmin’s Swim 2 watch are continuing to be rolled down to other devices and are now out on the 945 and FR245, albeit in beta. But you can get them now if  you like

These are the new features in detail and the one that I think is most useful is AUTO REST. Pool swimming seems to have become a little comedyesque these days where it seems now that everyone in my lane HAS to press that unpause button before heading off. That’s one reason why I’ve enjoyed using FORM’s SWIMMING GOGGLES as they have a similar auto-pause feature built-in as well as now beaming HR live into your goggles.


  • Add Garmin Swim 2 Features: advanced swim workouts, auto rest, Critical Swim Speed (945 only), Swim Pacing Alerts (945 only)
  • Added all-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity
  • Improved treadmill calibration
  • Added Pilates

I actually did a pilates session this Monday and was disappointed to see there was no pilates sports profile. Well, there is now.



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Forerunner 645 once again missing out. Firstbeat license excuse does not stick for these features. They should just stop selling it at this point.


Very weird indeed, the 645 never got the PacePro (not a Firstbeat feature) update as well.

All-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity? Is this the Firstbeat Respiration Rate Metric? If yes, this update is very very interesting indeed.


The key thing I’m seeing in all these updates, the optical HR sensor pack on the 645 is “previous gen” compared to all the rest. Likely the actual coding for that sensor is different, and no real incentive for them to back-code for a dead-end, 2yo product. Sucks for owners of that, sometimes you don’t know you are buying the “last of a line” until it’s too late.


Spring :/ :/ ??!! Well was hoping to get a 655 after hearing that the 245 had a lot of problems with the buttons…. nothing to expect for the ces 2020 ??!!

Rob F

I’ve found a few of the “various other […] improvements” in the 945 3.77 beta:
– Estimated sweat loss in an activity (this wasn’t on Garmin Connect on my run Thursday morning but is on today’s run – I installed beta on Thursday afternoon). Hydration tracking widget is not yet supported, but maybe this shows it’s on the way?
– under the controls menu (wheel of shortcuts on long hold power) you can add an Airplane Mode. I’ve found this will cut power consumption in watch mode by about 1/2 (uses about 0.2% bat/hr vs 0.4% in not-airplane mode)

There’s probably more I haven’t stumbled across yet.


I think it works with only weather, like in the Edge series.

The in watch temp shouldn’t be visible to users, its only for the barometer sensor. I don’t understand why Garmin made it visible, its confussing.

The emoji support like in the latest Fenix beta was added as well, but not mentioned because Garmin can’t do proper change logs. Neither on their devices, nor on their apps.