Polar Favorites on FLOW – Notably Changed Functionality

Polar has today notably changed the organisation of Favorites in FLOW.

Favorites include STRAVA LIVE SEGMENTS, ROUTES and TRAINING TARGETS. Training Targets includes goal-oriented workouts eg specific distance targets, as well as STRUCTURED WORKOUTS and the RACE PACE pacing tool.

Not all these functions/favorites work on every Polar device.

Years ago I never realised this wealth of functionality was hidden away behind the favorite ‘star’ ⭐ in the corner of FLOW. I suspect (aka I know) that some people still don’t know it’s there.

Things have been moved around a bit today but all that functionality is still accessed from the same place. The star.

The new view is very much more of a complete dashboard-overview for whichever device you select. If you have a linked STRAVA premium account and a Vantage then you might see something like this.

OK, it still looks a bit old fashioned but I think it’s now much clearer which favorites are on your device. Note that your device can be selected on the right hand side if  you have more than one and STRAVA will appear very soon for the Vantage…like before Christmas ’19. You can even drag the order of your favorites around.

If you click on the routes, targets or segments then you get a pop-up with more detail, like these…

For any changes that you are able to make, you are directed back to the old pages…which is fine. The only exception here to that seems to be that you can drag and drop a route file to create a…err…route. This very exciting image shows you that.

The web equivalent is not implemented in quite so neat a way. Mainly because a smartphone’s screen size is significantly smaller than that on a computer screen.

Nevertheless here is the same functionality as above but this time on the Android app


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  1. I think it’s safe to say that we’re looking at a 2020 release for Update 5. Come tomorrow noon all companies will work with limited business until January 6th.

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