Garmin Forerunner 945 – BIG new Firmware out now

The 945 has just got a good chunk of new features. Details  HERE.

Planning on going for a swim followed by lots of sweating on a treadmill and then a nice bike ride uphill? A quick pilates session and then reading some texts with emojis in?…this firmware is your answer (maybe)

Change Log 3.90 (selected)

  • Add Garmin Swim 2 Features: Advanced Swim Workouts, Auto rest, Critical Swim Speed, Swim Pacing Alerts
  • Added all-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity
  • Improved treadmill calibration. An outdoor run prior to first treadmill use will improve performance.
  • Added Pilates
  • Improvements to Spotify, audio playback, other audio apps
  • Added advanced Yoga and Pilates Workouts
  • Added support for Hydration widget, tracking, and sweat loss
  • Added support for file-based Emojis, which brings support for over 1300 Emojis. (Update your device through Express or connect it to Garmin Connect Mobile.)
  • Added support for ClimbPro ‘Climb Detection’ setting in Cycling. (Bike > Activity Settings > ClimbPro > Climb Detection) This allows the customer to customize grade ‘sensitivity’ when identifying climbs.
  • Improved ClimbPro for cycling by adding category coloring to the ascent graph, which better depicts the difficult portions of the climb. This will also be available when reviewing the elevation plot for a course.

ANT/BLE/BT Is at version 5.01. While we have historically used the ending of .00 with our production updates, this will change for some updates moving forward. This is a production update and is not a beta release. 


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10 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner 945 – BIG new Firmware out now

  1. Almost everything was brought to the Forerunner 245 as well (Firmware 3.90, Sensor Hub 3.20). All-day respiration monitoring shows daily average only on widget, more detailed information is available only from sleep interval (Garmin Connect).

  2. 3.90 before sensor hub update: battery life was a mess

    3.90 after the sensor hub update: I’m getting 935 battery life.

    Now taking bets on how long before they change something and break the battery life again.

  3. Battery Life is a joke on FR945 fw3.90
    Hydration widget same, everytime differences to GCM vs Watch (a 8 year old developer can do it better!)
    and Respiration Rate Widget isn’t available on GCM Android and it don’t cares

  4. Hello, do you think it would be possible to extract hydration widget and sideload it to FR645?

    1. yes.
      i don’t know about the issue you need to consider but perhaps at least start with devices that support the same version of CIQ as well as having the same screen size/resolution. ie copy the PRG from those.

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