5 most clicked images on my site EVER

I was looking at my stats for last year (quite nice, actually, thank you for asking) and thought you might find this takeout post interesting. Here are the 5 most-clicked images EVER on my site. I believe that people click them to enlarge them to see more about the image rather than have the intention to be taken somewhere else.

  1. My GPS Test Track & Results

In a post where I describe how I do my GPS testing and the course I take you will find this image of the route before you get to the results. The post describes the route both from my perspective as a ‘tester’ and as for a tourist – it’s a nice route to run as well as being sufficiently challenging for a GPS device. The route starts and finishes at St Mary’s running track.

Many more people click on the image than click on the results spreadsheet. That probably says something about the inquisitive nature of the modern world.


2. The second-most viewed image is this rather unusual list of Garmin watches and their CIQ version. It sounds like a relatively boring image and, in itself, it probably is. However, what is interesting about it is that you can infer which Garmin devices are due for an upgrade and indeed it worked well for that purpose for a couple of years.

Its usefulness has now just about passed into obscurity, except you will see that it REALLY suggests that we are imminently due to see a Garmin 745XT this year (mid-range tri-watch).

3. 3rd up is a list of Firstbeat features on the Fenix 6. Considering this device has only been out for 6ish months, then this image has been really popular to get into the Top 5 of all time. The Fenix 6 is/was popular, so I guess some of you won’t be too surprised by that.

I wrote a whole Firstbeat-focussed post explaining just the Fenix 6 Firstbeat features, HERE it is. The explanations equally apply to the same individual features you might find on your watch. It’s co-authored with Firstbeat and so the info in there IS pretty much correct.



4. Next up we have this image. I’m not entirely sure why it’s so interesting.

If I recall correctly this was only shown in a post where I was looking in some detail at Galileo and I went some of the way to dispelling the myth that Galileo is the most accurate setting for your sports watch.

Whilst accuracy improves with new firmware releases I’m STILL not convinced that GLONASS or GALILEO are that much better than plain old GPS. They are CERTAINLY better at eating your battery.

Still, lots of other people (including the manufacturers) will keep telling you that these fancy, new GNSS modes are best. Polar V800 owners will disagree.

Hey, what do I know?

5. Now, this next image IS more interesting (if I may say so myself).

This was probably the first image on the net that compared the running power outputs, side-by-side, of the 4 main running power offerings ie Polar Vantage, Garmin Running Power, STRYD and RunScribe.

I think the original running power post was itself a part of my Polar Vantage Bible (a review of the Vantage)

One More

A Kudos prize to anyone who can guess what the ‘featured image is’ and why I’ve made it. If you can guess the upcoming bike computer review it is done for I will be very seriously impressed (tip: nothing secret about the product).

About the image: Peaslake is in the Surrey Hills. It has a coffee shop whose coffee isn’t great but whose cake is quite good. It’s a pretty little hangout, mostly for serious-looking MTB riders although some of us occasionally huddle in our corner of the village ‘square’ in our lycra. The route shown may well equate to an actual route those guys take, but probably not. I think Radnor Road is the one we go up.

So. A good guess might be a review of the Lezyne Super-Mega-Maxi Colour GPS … but it would still be wrong.

Here is the image again:

Answer: It was the Ordnance Survey Trail 2 Bike Review


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