Suunto 7 – pre-order

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Suunto 7The Suunto 7 is available now to pre-order. The best bet I can currently see is with COTSWOLD in the UK and elsewhere retailers seem reluctant to advertise a great new product?!? Strange. You can pre-order direct from Suunto too, of course.

Cotswold is linked below in the UK

Links to partners in your country, some offer discounts – especially with the loyalty schemes linked to from here with REI and Wiggle


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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No article by DCR or 5kR regarding new Garmin watches?


Ah yes the secret agent watch, the details are probably undercover.


Pseudo-Military grade watch. Who are they going for here?


Regarding not many merchants advertising the product, there might be exclusivity deals for X period between Suunto and select retailers, I heard this might be the case in some locales.


So, there have been no reviews of actual battery life during use.

Where are all the in-depth reviews at?


I think Ray said it’s around the standard 2-day mark (watch mode) with like 7 hours claimed in GPS. Doesn’t have a lot of basic sport watch features and it’s not the Valencell OHRM under the hood, which might be a good thing?


I don’t think his statement on battery life was based off actual usage. Unless his video implied different. The way I read it, there was no objective opinion on the battery.

It just seemed to reiterate the press information. Which, I’m sure is fairly accurate. (such as turning off all notifications or using a mix of regular and time mode)


But Suunto has made a wild claim about the setting for 40 days of battery life. … How useful is it? Can you even access the Suunto app via time only mode? Can you mix between the two? (Like if your watch is off your wrist does it have a setting to go to time only) This is a wear OS watch which notoriously kills battery life. Does Suunto have a combination that actually makes wear OS useful as a sport watch? …. This watch would potentially be good for everybody except ultra runners+ and Ironman distances+. The way all (and I do mean all) reviews have read is very similar which means the info in the pre release reviews isn’t useful. Brand alone can’t make this watch 500. There has to be something that actually makes this wear OS watch something worth the preorder. That key feature is the battery life and it’s claims associated with the battery. I’m sorry, but the reviews for this watch really do need to discuss this. 500 for another wear OS watch is basically what has been stated thus far. … I’m an idiot with money but I can’t throw away money on… Read more »


I couldn’t reply to your last comment (the reply button didn’t populate) So, did they significantly reduce the pre release units for this product? It should be 40 days in time mode. That what makes this potentially so appealing as a wear OS and sport watch. Still, in no way suitable for the athletes you and I have both mentioned. The reason why GPS isn’t a great concern is because it will do the base function of tracking your workout but accuracy is the small concern there. It’s a point that needs to be discussed but over the past 5 years only a couple watches really fell on their face here. … That’s what I was kinda getting at. I’d argue that wear OS isn’t really a key feature since we all know the capabilities it provides. How it incorporates the wear OS features with the Suunto app and battery saving features (which nobody else is doing) that is key. So wear OS is big for Suunto but it’s not groundbreaking software. Optimization of the battery is what will potentially start bridging the Gap between smartwatch and fitness watch. I really do look forward to your review with the production… Read more »


Got Suunto 7 today (02 Feb 2020), but I dont known how to setup interval training on running.
I am Spartan Sport Wrist HR user.


“…you say gps and apps are not important but to other people they are”

Count me as one of those people! The main thing perking my interest in this watch is the fact it does not use that mediocre Sony GPS chip. I had two Forerunner 245s over the span of two and a bit weeks. I did plenty of testing – 2.5k walk to work in the morning, then back in the evening, and three or four 5k runs each week. The tracks varied between “ok-ish,” and “you must be kidding”. My 1st gen Vivoactive was much more accurate and consistent in the distances and tracks it recorded.

Admittedly I didn’t make much use of the additional apps, but they were definitely a nice to have. All I personally want is:

Solid GPS performance – at least a bit more accurate than a nearly 5 year old watch seems reasonable!
Reliable software
Clear screen
Looks good
Feels light & comfortable

I’d like a longer battery life, but with the choices available at the moment, it looks like I have to compromise somewhere.