Garmin Firmware – lots of updates to Fenix, Forerunner, Edge

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Garmin fenix 6 review specificationsOver the last couple of days, we’ve seen a lot of firmware updates to Garmin watches, nothing too major but worthy of a quick post nevertheless.

But first, this FCC filing could well be the Garmin Vector Air that we talked through the specs for here.

Back to the firmware…


The most interesting new feature there is clearly the SPEED & HR broadcasting over BLE (Bluetooth) for Zwift (& TR, etc). This follows the trend for power meters to broadcast over BLE for precisely the same reason…ZWIFT.

However, I suspect this year will also see some interesting developments around Zwift running, most notably the NPE Runn treadmill sensor which I am looking at over the next few weeks (10% discount code: the5krunner 😉 ).

I’m talking here about a better treadmill running ecosystem that can, perhaps, be flexible enough to cover all the existing footpods (eg STRYD, Garmin), smart treadmills, NPE Runn and Zwift Running itself with some of those sensors perhaps filling less obvious gaps in the offerings of others. I’ll leave that one hanging.


Garmin Venu Review & Specifications

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Also a 945 beta release – it fixed a few bugs (gimporter now works again for example) and adds things like widget glances and ‘virtual run’. Pretty much as per the 245 release.


amazingly, many people are reporting battery improvements!


No updates for fenix 5? Focused training? Etc? Is it time to update the decide?

Annie Owens

So Swim2 features are being added to all Garmin’s?

Jonny Dubya

Just read this article, where is this FCC link you are referring to?