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Yesterday was the ‘release’ of the new Suunto 3. It’s like the Suunto 3 Fitness but different. Just not very different


Q: So What’s New?

A: Hey stop asking awkward questions 😉 I think this is what’s changed

  • The name. It’s now well and truly the Suunto 3 and not the Suunto 3 Fitness. All the naming on the press release and on the Suunto website seems to reflect that. Which is great, that makes sense to me.
  • It’s now made in Finland and not China…
  • One of my sources tells me that the Valencell sensor is newer (v1.4 from 2019) and that there is more internal memory but I’ve not had that confirmed by either Suunto or Valencell.
  • Suunto excel at bringing out minor cosmetic and custom-cosmetic variants of their products and the Suunto 3 is no exception. There are 5 new colourways and these are Slate Grey Copper, Granite Red, Moss Grey, Slate Grey and Pebble White (Apparently COLOURWAY is the correct phrase and not COLOUR).
  • The strap design is reminiscent of that on the sporty Garmin Forerunner 235, so the strap design could be new as well. I can’t remember if this was one of the previously available straps – it’s certainly unlike the strap I have on the 3-Fitness and it doesn’t seem to be the same as the older 3-Fitness strap pictures on Google…I could be wrong.
  • Also see the comment, below from Chris about a new ABS PLASTIC case material. Chris is a reliable & always helpful source, so I believe what he says.
  • There are also rumours of a new physiology feature…but I’ve not had that confirmed


It’s a sensible name change and a subtly different, perhaps more sporty look.

In terms of what’s been there all along, the Suunto 3 has a GOOD adaptive training program included from Firstbeat which can introduce quite challenging workouts. And the partner app is improving all the time. It’s a SUPER SUPER-LIGHTWEIGHT watch that looks sweet and whose only downside is perhaps the reliance on your smartphone for a connected-GPS signal.


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Suunto 3 Fitness Review (ette)

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