Coros adds new features for 2020 for the Vertix, Apex and Pace.

Hot on the heels of their innovative running track features in late 2019, Coros have added a few more little firmware gems both in an update this month and others right at the end of last year.


Firstly the Coros PACE had the Track Run mode for 400-meter track runs that the other models received in November

Then the Apex, Apex Pro and Vertix models all had 3 new skiing modes added along with some regional GNSS support for BeiDou satellites

Nicer, Newer Features

Then we have a new satellite map for the Apex, Apex Pro and Vertix models as shown in the image below. The satellite map sits nicely alongside other GPS-based info like the GNSS mode, position, GPS-derived altitude, altitude, #satellites in view and the signal-to-noise quality of the reception.

Finally, of particular interest to me, was the addition of Bluetooth Smart sensor support to the Apex Pro and Vertix (only). Currently, sensor support is only for BLE heart rate straps and speed/cadence sensors but hopefully, this new feature might be further expanded to other sensor types (like power meters) and then to the complete range.

As a quick test, I set the Whoop (Review) strap 3 to broadcast HR over BLE and the Coros Vertix nicely paired to it the first time.

New Watches

Hey, it’s Coros, of course, there will be new watches in 2020. It’s not a question of IF but rather of ‘How Many?”.


Of course, some of these features are relatively trivial, however, just think how often we have hoped that Polar might support ANT+ sensors as well as BLE.

Firmware Notes

Here are some more details for those of you who want that from here

  • Ski/Snowboard modes with auto-detection of downhill and lift laps and useful data including downhill distance, max speed and more.
  • Cross Country Ski mode that records GPS tracks, grade and cadence data with breadcrumb navigation functions available when needed.
  • Ski Touring mode with accurate tracking of elevation when ascending and descending.
  • Adds Satellite Map to view the current satellite signal strength and conditions.
  • Add GPS+BeiDou mode




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