Circular™ Smart Ring – Health & Sleep

Circular Smart Ring

I met with the founders of the CIRCULAR smart ring a couple of days ago and they have a sweet SLEEP and HEALTH ring lined up for delivery later this year. It’s very much in the same vein as other wearable tech rings but with a few sleep and techy twists thrown in…oh, and it’s significantly cheaper for backers of this Kickstarter project.


Note: All kickstarter projects carry a risk but both the ring and app seem in an advanced stage of development

Already this project is over 1,000% funded.

Circular Smart Ring  – Some Comparisons

I brought along my two OTHER RINGS versions and the Motiv ring too and we compared them and looked over the hardware and app. I know the rings quite well so we had an interesting and in-depth discussion rather than me just listening to the standard pitch they’d been doing to journalists all day 😉

Circular smart ring discount

Probably the best-sized ring is the MOTIV ring but no-one seems to buy that so you have to wonder about their future somewhat. The CIRCULAR Smart Ring is closer to the camera in the picture above but still is a fraction bigger than the 2nd other one shown. It IS a sensible size unlike the Echo Loop (with Alexa) you may have seen which is WAY to big to ever wear and which will ultimately fail. because of its size


Circular Smart Ring – Aesthetics

OK, for SEO purposes it’s name is not great, even though it is a clever name for a ring and very much ‘does what it says on the tin’. Putting that to one side, the main ring body is, ahem, circular and cleverly has a changeable metal cover giving you an ability to change the daily appearance of the ring.

A quick heads up: from the image above you can see some imperfections on the side of the ring. These will NOT be there in the final product.

You can also see a slight bump on the inside of the ring, this is the same as other rings, and is where all the clever techy stuff is.

  • CIRCULAR is hoping to get ‘activity levels’ of heart rate from the optical heart rate sensor. Let’s see what they come up with on that front. My understanding is that the finger is an AWESOME place to sense blood flow and hence detect heart rate…but not at sporty levels of exertion. Putting that to one side they are claiming to delivery HRV levels of resting accuracy which will be one of the inputs into their innovative SLEEP STAGE ALGORITHMS.
  • CIRCULAR has a built-in vibration alert – essentially your ring will vibrate gently for alerts and alarms, which is a nice idea.
  • Swimming? – Yep, it will be waterproof enough to swim with and they claim a degree of scratch resistance which will be needed when using WEIGHTS in the gym or when touching CONCRETE at the end of a pool length. That’s where other tech rings fall down and can be expensively scratched.
  • Battery Life – Is cited to currently be 2 days but they are hoping to eek some more life out of that with optimisations to the circuitry they designed themselves.
  • Smart Button Control – the CIRCULAR Smart Ring has a built-in button (tiny) to control ‘stuff’. Initially, it is envisaged to do simple tasks like muting your ringing phone in a meeting but it will be extensible through IFTTT to control pretty much anything.
  • Sleep Monitoring – They plan to deliver SLEEP STAGE info at launch as well as, possibly, sleep apnea alerts.



Circular Ring Discount & Price

RRP $199

You can get up to a 20% discount with some of the coupon codes at the Kickstarter site and over $89 (for $199) for signing up now on Kickstarter –  (to for those

Already this project is over 1,000% funded.


Circular smart ring discount coupon code



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