Fenix 5 – Interesting firmware update AND SPECULATION

Garmin Fenix 5, 5X, 5s, 935 ReviewChronos and Fenix 5 have had an interesting beta update to their firmware (details here)

Changes made from version 15.10 to 15.31:

  • Added support for connecting to a shifting sensor (Sram Etap or Di2 bike) that supports up to 4 front and 12 rear gears.
  • Fixed an issue where steps were not being counted during a multisport activity.
  • Fixed an issue where one wasn’t able to search near a waypoint.

Is this paving the way for 12-speed Di2 on a Shimano-based road bike? ie might this herald Garmin getting all their models in line for a Spring launch of something new from Shimano.

Sure I know Shimano already do 12-speed off-road and that 12-speed is supported by SRAM RED ETAP. And yes higher-spec Garmins (like my 945) already have (probably the exact same) Di2 support. Yet I’m not sure if Di2 officially works on any 12-speed system. Maybe it will soon? Maybe this is Garmin getting all their ducks in line for an impending release? (eg more work on the 530 firmware regarding 12-speed here too)

Maybe. Clutching. Straws. Slow News Day?…apart from Apple and Polar H9 and Circular Ring

2020 Speculation | Shimano Dura-Ace R9200p | Wireless Di2



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  1. There are a couple of new entries this year by Garmin on the FCC website. One of which is a watch with a confidentiality request expiring in July.

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