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Stages Power Meter Review Shimano UltegraStages infrequently issue firmware updates as their PM product set is generally pretty stable in my experience (Gen 3). However this one dropped last week and might well be worth updating to if, perhaps, you were experiencing right-side power spike issues. Enabling the gyroscope is only possible with the Android app (Edit: 8 April, now iOS)  and only possible solely with the right crank paired (Edit: 8April, This seems different on the iOS version) and this helps corrects cadence spikes which helps correct power spikes (see 5th image below).


Date: 01/29/20 (m/d/y)

Firmware Release #: v1.6.1

Replaces Release #: v1.5.1


  • Support for 3.1 and 3.2 IC meters.
  • Improved auto-zero values.
  • Support for cadence-only meters.
  • Magnet-based cadence automatically enabled when a magnet is detected. Resets on sleep.

Bug Fixes:

  • ANT broadcast correctly transmits serial number.
  • Right-side meters correctly use gyroscope (must be enabled via app).

I have always had unmatching calibration numbers but the new firmware hasn’t changed them so I guess all is good. Anyway, in case this is your first Stages firmware update you’ll need to download the Stages Power app and do this…


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7 thoughts on “new Stages Gen 3 Firmware Update

  1. Hello, I have an error in the left crank, since it lost its ID and does not recognize it in the garmin, please help me !!!!

    1. in what way did it go crazy?
      I have noticed some strange indoor sessions where the presence of electrical interference from other devices eg WIFI *MIGHT* be affecting readings. but i am not sure.

  2. Thanks for your answer. this is what has happened to me. I started claiming in the stages support, but I still had no answer.
    Thank you

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