Garmin 945 FW Now Live (Forerunner 245 too)

We talked about some exciting new beta firmware for the Garmin Forerunner 945 last week. Some of which also made its way on to the Forerunner 245 betas too. Now it’s all live and you should be able to get the new stuff either via Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express.

Here’s the summary of what is now added and some thoughts, then there are some links to discussions of the specific features below that

  • Add a new Virtual Run activity profile. This enables broadcast of speed and heart rate information to virtual running applications such as Zwift.
  • Add Widget Glances, a new way to view widget information. The option to enable is found in the Widgets menu.
  • Various improvements for battery performance.
  • Add Low Heart Rate to the Abnormal Heart Rate Alert feature.
  • Fix an issue that was causing loss of treadmill calibration data.
  • Improvements to breathworks plus miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Firmware: 945 & FR245 both on  v4.10

The battery performance improvement seems to have got some good feedback from others using it in beta. I also used it in beta but have been using music and broadcasting data via Zwift and then going out for runs using Galileo and GPS. So I’ve been gobbling up the battery, hopefully, you’ll find battery improvements for the way you use the 945.

As I just said there, I’ve also been using Zwift for running with the 945 re-broadcasting sensor data from my Polar H9 and STRYD, I’ve also been using NPE Runn on the treadmill but that’s another story entirely.

Then there are the WIDGET GLANCES that have been on the Fenix 6 for a while. Again, I ‘ve been using them for a while and there is no harm whatsoever in enabling them.


Garmin Widget Glances on the 945 and beyond


Garmin Virtual Run – First Run – on Zwift Through to STRAVA



NPE Runn Review | Zwift Treadmill Sensor + Garmin






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4 thoughts on “Garmin 945 FW Now Live (Forerunner 245 too)

  1. 5krunner you might want to include which FW version to look for: it’s 4.10 (at least on the 945).

  2. Hi, how are you finding GALILEO+GPS with the 945, right now? Is it worth it over GLONASS or GPS-only?

    1. it depends on the purpose. it clearly uses more battery

      I’ve not formally sat down and looked at the results but anecdotally i would say galileo had improved this year. I have a recollection of a GNSS update to FW, so that might explain it.

      i dont use gps/galileo for running pace (I use STRYD) and i very rarely navigate with the 945. so all i get is a potentially prettier track and the hit in battery is not worth it for that.

      having said that i have galileo on for running and glonass on for bike right now on the 945.

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