Suunto 7 Accuracy

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Reading Time: 11 minutesΒ  Suunto 7 Accuracy – Production Release Return to the main Suunto 7 Review I’ve finished my first tranche of sensor testing with the Suunto 7. These results are from a production watch, not a beta watch. At first, I was initially very impressed with the oHR but I’ve had unexpected dropouts when running outside in certain, repeated circumstances. Some I can’t explain but some are linked to the watch moving closer to my wrist bones. Either way, it’s a new oHR chip being used by Suunto, so things should improve in the coming months with tweaks…


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Nick K

Have been running with S7 for the past few weeks… I’d say OHR is spot on for me when running, biking (indoor spin), and rowing compared against H10 strap. Rarely if ever have I experienced any drops or spikes. Admirable performance on intervals and strides, with only a slight lag you’d expect from an optical sensor. A huge improvement over Valencell package in other Sx units overall.

Now, I AM a poster boy for OHR, so other people’s results will vary, but I think OHR is solid, and quite a few other people would agree if you look at Suunto’s forums. Same goes for GPS and altitude. There are some minor issues here and there that are being worked on I’m hearing, but for the first attempt, things look fairly solid. All runs over 5 miles my S7 is less than 0.05 mi away from S9 with Stryd.

I think they nailed it.


After buying the Suunto 7 I no longer feel the need for a HR strap. Except for when it’s freezing cold.. πŸ™‚


I have been using the Suunto 7 for the last month for mostly running, and I have to say in my experience the altitude accuracy is god awful.

I run the same 6-mi and not-very-hilly route a lot, and my Suunto 7 reports different elevation gains every time, but it’s usually in the ballpark of 1500-1800 feet. If I track the same route with my phone and strava (therefore using GPS only for elevation data) it reports <250 ft. I believe the Suunto is regularly counting 5x the elevation gain of reality.

I am curious to see your results of your longer altitude test.


This is interesting. Does the S7 have a built-in barometer? I have a non-baro Spartan Sport WHR which has the opposite problem — it probably reports about 20% of the actual elevation on my habitual not-very-hilly routes. Some investigation on the Suunto forums revealed that Suunto’s non-baro watches use an algorithm that apparently ignores any altitude change less than 7 m — which would certainly explain why a lot of the undulations on my routes don’t register. Interesting that the S7 seems to err in exactly the opposite direction.


SportyGo is OK for Stryd, the only problem is if your Stryd is not calibrated and on SportyGO there is no option to calibrate.
Mine is off by 3% and also after run there is no way i can edit that distance in any application


I already asked him :). I dont think it is going to happen.


I trust in your powers πŸ™‚


A calibration factor is on my ToDo list, after some considerations.
And it will be coming soon πŸ™‚



Stride correction is now implemented.

Mauri G.

Received my S7 1st day available, Jan 31, returned it 2 weeks later. OHR was incredibly inconsistent, sometimes ridiculously off. My Fenix 5 usually within 1-3 beats of actual, S7 at times was good, mostly varied, up to 20 beats off!! Battery life was OK. Screen was beautiful. GPS acceptable. AOD semi-functional. Wear OS is disgraceful! I’m an Android user from the beginning, but Wear OS is an embarrassment. Be prepared to use between 3-5+ apps from different developers to ATTEMPT to put together a fitness & training profile and record!! And you will never get it all in one place or connected. And the built-in sports lack versatility, and functionality. External sensor support DOES exist, for crappy 3rd party apps. The whole affair is a hodgepodge, with zero integration, ease of use and coordination. Very disappointing for such a great piece of hardware, but the software, and overall implementation is awful!! Really wanted to like this watch, as I’ve had less than stellar results with Garmin, but the entire S7 experience was a letdown. Just received my new Fenix 6x, light years ahead of the Suunto 7, even though there display sucks. Prefer all the integration Garmin offers, unlimited… Read more Β»

Nick K

Woa, woa… Hold your horses! I have 6X in the drawer. What 30 days battery life are you talking about, especially with pulse Ox? You’d be lucky to get 2-3 weeks tops, without any training, and I’m talking from personal experience. That’s assuming you don’t get any of the Garmin Signature Battery Drain issues before that. Garmin sleep analysis is accurate according to what studies? Is it the same one that said their GPS accurate? Same goes for 100m water resistance. If you ever find yourself at 100m below surface with Fenix on your wrist, I think sports watch selection would be the least of your problems. Don’t get me wrong. Garmin made a fantastic device. For a purpose. But to imply it doesn’t have a long list of shortcomings of its own is greatly misleading. To compare it to smartwatches, even Wear OS ones, is a total joke. Let me know when I can add AmEx card to Garmin Pay, or type a quick Whatsup reply on my watch, or check off a task in Todoist, or go through a grocery list in Keep, or listen to Pandora offline station, or select from half a dozen various weather/radar apps,… Read more Β»


Hmm, maybe Garmin developes some Garmin Fenix Smart edition with Amoled, text reply on messages etc. πŸ™‚ but for now, compare Fenix with Suu7 is IMO nonsense.


how to setup interval in running, thank you

Nick K

Sadly, for that you will need a third party app like Timerro. The bad news is the intervals will be time-based only (I don’t know any app that does distance-based intervals). The good news is you can setup whatever you want complexity wise. More complex than what’s possible in Garmin or Polar. The usability is also exceeds both. You get a nice timer, current time, progression indicator, current and next step labels on screen, with possibility to skip ahead.

Usage wise, you start Suunto or Sporty Go app, then switch to Timerro, and kick off intervals there. Use Gesture Launcher to switch between them quickly if you want to.

I know this isn’t ideal, but for what it’s worth… If what you need is time based structured workouts, Suunto 7 can do more than any other Suunto device since Ambits.


What location (forearm/bicep/temple) do you find best for HR accuracy when pool swimming with the Polar OH1+?