Best Garmin CIQ App – The Million-Rankers – Top 5 Most Downloaded

Million-Rankers – The Million-plus downloads on the Garmin CIQ App Store

Let’s look at the BEST Garmin CIQ apps

Garmin CIQ Apps are currently looking for the best apps that were released last year. There are thus some great contenders to be the best of 2019.

Link: Nominees for best CIQ App 2019

However, this post takes a subtly different look at the most downloaded CIQ apps EVER. These are super-popular apps with over a million downloads each…#Impressive. Let’s start at number 5 and work our way up to #1…just to build up the suspense.

Crystal – Watch Face – 1,251,080, rated 4/5. Generally loved but some downvotes due to perceived bugettes.





Strava Relative Effort – Data Field – 1,265,872 downloads, rated 2.5/5. There seems to be some confusion around how to use it.




GearMin – Watch Face – 1,323,339 downloads, rated 4/5. Some features are claimed not to work on all watches in user reviews.





NoFrills – Watch Face – 1,386,300 downloads, rated 5/5. People seem to like it because it’s clear to read and simple to use.





Spotify – Music – 1,108,729, rated 4/5. We all know what it does, except it gets some low rating from those who can’t get it to work on their expensive music-enabled watches.




OK, there’s 6. Here’s the number one downloaded app

ActiFace – Watch Face – 1,804,991 downloads, rated 4/5. Lots of love for this watch face but the dislikes come from those who can’t install it on their specific watch version.






In case you didn’t know what STRAVA Relative Effort is, then look at the following link (In a nutshell…it’s TRIMP)

STRAVA Relative Effort – Everthing you need to know


Here are the CIQ award winners from 2019 (released in 2018) in the following link


Best Of CIQ :: 2019 Garmin Connect IQ Developer Award Nominees


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5 thoughts on “Best Garmin CIQ App – The Million-Rankers – Top 5 Most Downloaded

  1. Is there any news on the Eat My Ride ciq? It looked promising but seems to have died of death…

  2. I suspect the Strava Relative Effort field gets downloaded by a lot of people that don’t know what it actually does, but see Strava. Hence the 2.5 star. Also it’s unfortunate, because there have been a number of issues outside of individual developers control that have caused problems for apps over the past year but no way for users to distinguish between an app bug and a platform/device bug. So 4 out of 5 is pretty darned good. Special Kudos to NoFrills for 5 out of 5!

  3. Spotify not working on mine either (sync failure), though I’ve not left any reviews, I was wondering if it was me being an idiot. Lot of annoyed people in the last few days so maybe it’s not me!

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