new Timex Ironman R300 specs opinion

Timex Ironman R300 Specifications & Opinion

Timex recently & surprisingly returned to the world of sports watches, let’s take a look at the Timex Ironman R300 Specifications. Could this be your next Ironman Watch?

Well, let’s put that one to bed straight away…Probably not!

You might be surprised to learn that Timex has produced IRONMAN branded sports watches before. It was somewhere around 1743 when the classic T5E901 was last seriously sold and there were other IRONMAN watches at the same time.  IIRC the T5E901 IndiGlo was the top-end IRONMAN-branded Timex watch with laps, time and everything, yes even waterproofing to 100m. OK, it was a bit rubbish on the features front…even back in the 18th Century, but it did have a certain aesthetic appeal.

Timex Ironman R300 Images

What we are seeing with the Timex Ironman R300 is a re-imagined 2020 *SMART* version of what came before. Gone is chunkiness and total lack of smart features but what still remains is the TOTAL INABILITY to be at all suitable for an Ironman race. I think it’s probably unsuitable for an Ironkids race (are they still a thing? I went to one once, great fun)

However, grumpiness and cynicism aside, it’s not too bad-a-looking watch, it does support (limited) coaching/plans and it is cheap. In the UK we say ‘cheap as chips‘, in America that would be ‘cheap as fries‘ but I guess that doesn’t work so well. Plus chips/fries are significantly cheaper than $120 a pop, so the analogy fails there somewhat.

The looks remind me a little of Sigma Sports id.TRI which also has a similarly low price tag. But there the similarities end, the id.TRI has LOTS AND LOTS of functionalities and it can actually properly support you through a triathlon. Unlike the Timex Ironman R300 (well, if you like to know the time when you do an Ironman, the R300 is great for that)

FAQ: Key Questions

  • Q: Why did Ironman allow this thing to be produced in their name?
  • A: I have absolutely no idea. Answers please, below, on a postcard. (I guess MONEY is the real answer)


  • Q: Does it support customised, multisport profiles
  • A: Yes. But only while you are asleep dreaming of a different watch


  • Q: Does it support ANT+ and BLE PMs?
  • A: Yes it supports both AM and PM. All times of every creed are supported


  • Q: Does it have a touchscreen?
  • A: Yes, of course, it is safe to touch it


  • Q: Does it have an eerily glowing touchscreen sourced from Chernobyl
  • A: Surprisingly, yes it does, like its predecessor (Source)


  • Q: Does it support triathlon?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Does it support open water swimming?
  • A: No…wait a minute….


  • Q: Does it really support 3rd party sensors
  • A: No.


  • Q: Are there any famous Ironman athletes who have raced to victory with one of these?
  • A: Again, surprisingly yes there are (Source). Although perhaps not the victory you are thinking of and I think there was a near-circular room and desk involved. And, come to think of it, he only did running and not an Ironman.


  • Q: Can it tell the time and does it have Ironman written on it?
  • A: Yes, yes, yessity, yes, yes. All of that AND MORE


  • Q: Does it have Firstbeat Anaerobic TE or just the overall TE
  • A: It might have, I’ll ask. No I won’t. It doesn’t.


  • Q: What more?
  • A: 30m waterproofing, smart notifications, GPS, oHR, race your PB, 24×7 activity tracking and guided plans for running, cycling and triathlon. Actually it has a claimed 20 hours of GPS usage so that should last for most people’s triathlon.


  • Q: Can you show me a random image of an older Timex Ironman watch that also didn’t do anything
  • A: Yes, funny you should ask. I have one right here. Note that a FULL 8 LAPS ARE SUPPORTED on this particular model.

The App

Actually the app is not too bad

Note the COMMUNITY options. This will be the section where you can compare your stats and progress with all your other friends who have a Timex Ironman R300. ie it’s a personal log of your stuff.

Timex Ironman R300 Specifications


  • Case Width: 40.5 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Band Color: Black
  • Buckle/Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Color: Gray
  • Case Finish: Matte
  • Case Shape: Square
  • Case Size: Full Size
  • Crystal/Lens: Mineral Glass
  • Dial Color: Digital
  • Dial Markings: Digital
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Case Special: Indiglo
  • Band Special Feature:: Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Case Height: 11.5 mm
  • Strap and Lug Width: 24 mm
  • Attachment Hardware Color: Stainless Steel


Mostly harmless.

To be clear: This article is slightly tongue-in-cheek and is labelled as OPINION. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Ironman branding of a device like this is inappropriate.

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19 thoughts on “new Timex Ironman R300 specs opinion

  1. Is it for those to wear to the pub to show their non triathlon friends that they’ve done an ironman. It’s like a tattoo but less commitment. 😄

  2. I think the no-frills army will jump at this…. Not for me but thanks for the memories Timex….

  3. Wow, can you cool down?

    This may not be the biggest and baddest GPS watch, that is no reason to throw a childish tantrum over this product. Features aren’t the end all be all.

    I don’t like this watch either but it does seem like it could be a useful training tool for some people. Simple is okay, in fact many people prefer simple. (The Epson GPS watch was pretty popular and accurate) This Timex seems to be a modern reimage of that Epson GPS watch with triathlon functions.

    If this watch is accurate … And 120$ I would highly suggest this as a simple watch for those who don’t want to pay a couple hundred dollars for an introductory triathlon watch from the other brands. It won’t be good for Ironmans (even though they threw that name on there) but it could be a great triathlon watch for beginners

    1. I for one support this childish tantrum if there’s no actual swim tracking.

      I’d even be willing to call it false advertising in this day and age 😀

    2. yeah, i looked at the runsense a while back . there were a range of them, the top end one was ok IIRC. mayeb this is like the lower end ones IDK.
      you say “if this watch is accurate” … I refer you to the word ‘IF’ and I am 99.8% sure it won’t be accurate for hr or gps if it’s tested properly
      but, i agree with you in that it is a cheap and simple watch and that it will be useless for ironman.

      1. Yeah, “IF” is a big word for GPS reliability. But can’t really make that determination until you test it. 😛 Otherwise you’re just blowing hot air.

        Also, where do you find that it doesn’t track swimming? Everything I read has swimming as part of it’s focus.

        And finally the heart rate. At least it’s light so that’s one variable that may provide better results with the firstbeat analytics.

      2. if you look in the third image, above in the carousel, you can see it supports both walking and running. So there’s a good chance it will support swimming and showering too.
        the official website only says ” you can even take a swim” which of course you can (30m water resistance). you could take a swim with a rubber duck too, of course but I’m not sure that either the watch or the rubber duck will, for example, even recognise your swim lengths or stroke type.

      3. Before I crack a joke, I just want to thank you for your time responding to so many comments on your blog. I enjoy reading your articles and engaging with you!

        Now for the joke, Can you show me on the doll where Timex touched you? (I would attach a picture but we can’t do that anymore. 🙁 )

        I don’t understand why you’re coming out so heated against this product. I understand a little angst but your tone regarding this product is so over the top angry. lol

      4. nice 😉

        (vague-)joke response: they pricked my sweetspot 😉

        Grammarly says the article comes over as mostly SAD but a little ANXIOUS. I don’t think it understands my blend of UK humour (actually I’m not sure anyone does, which is a bit of a worry)

        I don’t mind cheap products at all, in fact I welcome them. The thing I’m mostly irked by is the highly inappropriate Ironman branding.
        i’m not often irked, here’s another irkward example of my angst

  4. Is there any chance the heart rate tracker on this is decent? I’ve been looking at what seems like a million different trackers and watches lately, trying to find one that’s moderately accurate at a moderate price, with a battery that lasts beyond 1 day. This seems to check just about everything i’m looking for, other than on-board music storage. Plus, i actually dig the look of it (I know, I know…lame).

    Think this has a chance to be decent?

  5. Looking at the FCC filings from amazfit, this watch was most likely made by amazfit for Timex.
    So it’s gonna be pretty similar to the rest of their watches.

    1. If you want a “real” review of this watch and not a diatribe by some dude who probably barely even wore it and gave it a chance check out dcrainmaker full review of the watch. Turns out it’s actually pretty good and just as accurate as Most of the 1000 plus Garmin watches. Both heart rate and GPS. Surprising I know but true. This guy is a Garmin snob and he will pan anything that isn’t a 1000 dollar Garmin that barely functions properly half the time and becomes an obsolete 1000 dollar brick on your wrist when Garmin releases 50 new watches every year. This watch is accurate and it’s affordable. And surprisingly it has a lot more bells and whistles than you might think. Check out dcrainmaker review and you will see what I mean. Great start Timex. Just keep improving on this watch and they may have something here.

      1. “To be clear: This article is slightly tongue-in-cheek and is labelled as an OPINION and not a REVIEW. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Ironman branding of a device like this is inappropriate.”
        Garmin snob? lol. You came to the wrong place to say that. this is one of the few sites with ZERO links to Garmin and so which is free to speak negatively without fear of repercussion. There are many positive things to say about Garmin too…so I say those.
        Remind me. What did DCR say about the Timex’s suitability for open water swimming? When I last looked that was part of Ironman.

      2. I realize that the watch is mot suitable for an ironman but how many people here will actually do an ironman in their entire life. Few if any, if you are good enough an athlete then God bless you and you should be looking at better options that offer more. But for you to completely pan this thing and not give it a fair chance I do not feel is fair. This is a watch that will do what is need for 99 percent of everyday runners and cyclists out there and do it accurately. If you have not read dcrainmaker review I suggest you give it a read. I was shocked myself as I didn’t have high expectations for this watch. I know someone who has it and it is very accurate. Sure it may not give you every single stat that the latest Garmin will but it’s a 130 dollar watch so you should not even compare it to Garmin. Although according to dcrainmaker review it was just as accurate and even more so at times than 1000 dollar Garmin. It was very surprising to me as well. I think this watch is a good option for the beginner or intermediate runner who is looking for a basic, affordable watch to track their runs and rides without all of the extra fluff on some of these watches that lets be honest don’t even work properly half of the time. I know because I read the reviews on all of these people who return their Garmins to be replaced because something didn’t function right on them. Look, I think Garmin makes a great product in most cases but there are other options out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg and can do a great job for what they are intended for. Are they as technical as Garmin and the other high end makers? No but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good products and don’t deserve a fair review by people like you who have a lot of people who trust your judgement as an athlete and a watch user and reviewer. And who knows, swimming could be added to this watch in the future if it does well. It’s a good start, but they have to keep improving on the device. Hopefully Timex will. People always complain about the cost of these watches but then when someone tries to enter the market with an affordable option they get roasted because it’s not suunto or Garmin or polar. Timex could easily add a better swimming function to this watch on the next iteration if it is allowed to survive and sells well.

      3. One problem with dcr’s reviews is that other REVIEWERS read and copy his opinions. Many READERS, like you, of this kind of tech are highly intelligent and do not wish to spend their lives in an echo chamber surrounded by others regurgitating shared opinions.
        Look. I do agree with dcrainmaker 90% of the time (or he agrees with me depending on how you see it). The world will be a better place if we listen to opposing viewpoints that might challenge some preconceptions.
        I know ‘it’s only a watch’ and i thank you for engaging in a reasonable and measured way…if only there were more people in the world like you!

      4. “I realize that the watch is not suitable for an ironman” but it’s called an Ironman watch!!!!! doh
        “this is a watch that will do what is need for 99 percent of runner” a pair of shoes will do that nicely too.
        do you work directly or indirectly for Timex by any chance?

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