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STRAVA recently rolled out the ACTIVITY CROPPING feature to mobile. What’s the big deal? and what is it?

What is Strava Activity Cropping?

Activity cropping simply lets you crop off the start and/or end of a workout.


There are several scenarios that make this occasionally worthwhile both for the integrity of your own data and for the integrity of the wider STRAVA platform.

First up, here’s how you do it. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner and then move the sliders. It seemed highly intuitive to me.


Whilst this function has been available on the desktop for some time this is new to mobile and the mobile implementation is much easier & quicker to use, especially if you want to crop large sections of the workout.


Here’s when I would use it (example are given in principle, in practice they might differ)

  • Perhaps on a run-bike session, I have double-recorded the bike leg on my Garmin and on my Wahoo. Perhaps the Garmin thus recorded the entire workout as a bike ride? I simply crop off the entire run segment from the Garmin file in STRAVA. This will correct my personal stats in terms of the total number of minutes, miles and heartbeats as well as correctly separating the bike and run activities. It will avoid double-counting of the effort in some of the STRAVA Summit Features that look at my effort and training load.
  • You arrive at the next village in your car with the bike in the back and realise you forgot to press stop. Again you crop off the part of the ride where you were in the car. Whilst this will correct the integrity of your own bike miles it may also remove a few KOMs that you inadvertently created at 60mph in your car.
  • You may be staying at a friend’s house for a weekend and want to protect the identity of their house. Sure you could create a privacy zone but you could crop the workout as well. There is a limit to the number of privacy zones you can have
  • As in the example above of a run starting at Hampton Pool, you may want to crop off part of a run where you were running slowly with somebody else as it makes your total average pace look bad 😉
  • Sometimes oHR sensors play up for me at the start of a cold run and give unreasonably high numbers for 10 minutes. I might just choose to crop off that warmup entirely.
  • STRAVA has auto-flagged your ride as a car journey. This links in with the previous point but it looks like now STRAVA is starting to auto-identify workouts that might contain erroneous data and are auto-flagging them as such. Essentially just excluding them from the leaderboard (which is a good thing) until you use the new ACTIVITY CROP feature to remove the offending parts of your owrkout.

Other recent STRAVA Features Include:

  • Apple Healthkit – Better integration of data
  • Cadence Graph – shows cadence…on a graph. And, no, it wasn’t there before.
  • Power to Relative Effort – I think this is for Summit members only. I might have to look at this as it’s interesting to find where (crudely) your power:hr ratio breaks down.
  • Better challenges for multi-sport athletes


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  1. One thing to take note of, the cropping intervals is much larger on the mobile app than the website.

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